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 The pearl on Andaman- Phuket is one of the largest islands in Thailand. And it is also one of the most visited places in the world. Since the weather is tropical and does not see extreme weathers round the year, tourists do not hesitate in visiting Phuket at any time of the year. 

 Visit to Phuket is a must and absolutely worth it, things to do in Phuket include the serene coastline to the sandy beaches strung together by the dynamic rock formations, from adventurous activities to a happening night markets, Phuket has been attracting tourists for decades.

It has so much to offer that one might get daunted by the choice of places available to be visited. Don’t be confused, we have you covered- following article comprises of the most unusual activities you can indulge into when in Phuket. There might be some very conventional tourists’ attractions but some are worth experiencing which are not commonly known. Have a look!


Are you friendly around animals? Do you want to bath with these gentle giants? Splash water, ride and tick your fear off. Then elephant bathing is definitely your thing. You can be picked up from your location and brought to this private beach where these elephants inhabit. They are lovely friendly creatures who are trained to have fun while you bath and splash water all over. Since it is a water activity, you may keep your goPro and a selfie stick handy.


Unlike any other streets in Phuket Thailand road is one of a kind. It is a super delightful spot oozing with culture, diversity, welcoming people and lots of road side street food to offer. One may visit it after your day’s plan is over and after relaxing a little you can take a leisure stroll to absorb the festivity and joviality Thai people have to offer.


Wat Chalong Temple or also known as Chalong Temple is one of the most visited attractions by the tourists. This building is so intricately designed and the attention to details leaves you mesmerized in awe. The perfection in architecture gives it a feel of being right out of a fairy tale but it is a real Temple. 
While tourists can learn about Thai culture and Buddhism, the locals come there to worship their God. This temple comes across as the most recommended ones. You can walk on foot to all the three floors. The entire architecture exudes reverence with the display of Buddha’s sacred teachings and his life.


Thailand is known for its relaxing and tranquilizing massage parlors and spas. You can bump into one at every nook and corner of the country and Phuket is no exception. It may come across as quite a shame if one does not indulge into this tranquil oasis of massages and alleviation. You can get a taste of this goodness for as low as $10 going up to $100 with additional perks and services.
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