4 ways to wear Backpacks

 Backpacks are a popular way to carry your items. You can use them for travel, school, office, and even hikes. They have been here for so long, and they are never running out of style. They are convenient because you can carry a lot of things in them, yet stylish because you can pair them with different styles of clothes. But, carrying a backpack, especially as an adult can be stressful if you aren’t used to styling it. These four tips will give you a head start on how to wear backpacks. 

 1. Straps-down look

This is a stylish look for smaller bags. It involves carrying your pack using the handle attached on top of the bag and leaving the two straps hanging down. You can adjust them so that they do not touch the ground. This style is suitable for a casual look, and while carrying a small backpack for food and items you need at work. When using this style, carry light items, or you risk your handle snapping.

2. Using both straps to carry the bag

This style is the most popular way to wear your backpack and the most ideal approach to lift heavier bags. To pull this style off, you need to have your arms through the straps on each side. This should bring the weight of the bag to your back. Before using this style, ensure your straps are well-adjusted. Also, the type of bag you buy will highly determine how good you look, especially when wearing smart casual and formal wear. Leatherback backpacks are timeless and will go with any items you pair them with. They are also sturdy so you can carry your heavier files and will last you a long time before you need a replacement.

3. Using one strap and letting one hang down

To add a little style to your backpack, consider letting one strap hang. This style is, however, applicable when you have lighter items to carry. Wearing your backpack this way while carrying heavy items guarantees you back and shoulder pains. College students and millennials are known to use this style, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is restricted from using it. Whether you are going to work, wearing a sporty look, or smart casual, this style will be perfect for carrying items around. 

4. Wearing a backpack on your front

A lot of people often overlook this style. But, it’s the best style the best way to prevent pickpockets when you are carrying valuables. For instance, you need to carry your camera, important documents, and money when you are on holiday. This style will ensure you keep a keen eye on your items as you explore the new city or town. Although it’s practical, it’s not the trendiest way to carry your items. You may want to choose one of the styles discussed earlier if you still want to remain fashionable. 

Carrying backpacks correctly will create an edgy look for you while still preventing you from developing back pains. Now that you know the pros and cons of each style, choose what is suitable while considering your style, item weight, and occasion.
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