5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Hearing Aid Costs
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The elderly are often targeted for exploitative pricing of goods. If hearing aid costs are wrecking your wallet, check out these tips.

In the U.S., every one in eight people have hearing loss in both ears. This includes minors 12 years and older.

However, with so many people needing hearing aids, why are they still so expensive?

Normally, in a competitive market, businesses have to keep their prices low to stay on the map. However, it seems like hearing aid costs are constantly on the rise.

For some people, hearing aids are vital. But what if they can't afford them?

Don't worry! We've got 5 ways to save money on hearing aids!

Review Your Insurance Coverage

First and foremost, you should look into your insurance coverage.

More and more insurance companies are covering or at least partially covering hearing aid costs.

If your current plan doesn't cover hearing aids, see if any of the provider's plans do.

Depending on your hearing aid needs and what your current insurance company offers, it may even be worth switching your insurance provider to get better coverage.

Get a Hearing Test

Before you do any shopping, it's important that you get a hearing examination.

To save money on hearing aid costs, make sure you're only buying what you need.

Hearing aid costs depend on the severity of your hearing loss, where you go, quality of the devices, and any bonus features such as Bluetooth.

Make sure you're not buying hearing aids that are way more than you need for your level of hearing loss.

Shop Around

Once you know the results of your hearing evaluation, you're ready to start shopping.

To save on hearing aid costs, take time to shop around before you buy.

Every day, more places are beginning to offer hearing aid services. For example, hearing amplifiers Walgreens are very reasonably priced.
Additionally, while all the bells and whistles sound great, they may add an exorbitant amount to your bill. You can save money by going with the basics.
However, buying a good quality hearing aid up front may save you money in the long run. Higher quality hearing aids need to be replaced less than their lower quality counterparts.

Drop Your Hearing Aid Costs, Treat Them Like Royalty

Ever heard the expression "this is why we can't have nice things"?

The root of this quote refers to taking care of your possessions. After all, why buy nice things if you're just going to neglect them?

Part of money management is taking care of the things you already possess.

Hearing aids require regular maintenance to provide longevity. Find a routine and make sure you follow these tips on a regular basis.
  • Keep them dry
  • Clean them
  • Have them professionally cleaned
  • Change your wax filter
  • Replace your batteries

Look for Finance Options

While it won't necessarily save you money in the long run, financing your hearing aids will soften the blow.

Instead of paying several thousand dollars up-front, you can spread out your hearing aid costs over a couple of years.

If you know paying the up-front cost is not an option, make sure you shop at a place that offers financing options.

Life Hacks

Now that you've learned how to save on hearing aid costs, find out what other life hacks you can use to save time, money, and energy!

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