5 Ways To Stay in Touch with Your Siblings When They Are Miles Away

The bond that siblings share with each other is an unbreakable one sealed with an adhesive made in heaven. Right from the childhood to the adulthood, you grow up with your brothers or sisters together in one house and share the best times together. Right? However, on growing up, you might have to get separated from each other owing to the rising competition in this world. Whether it's for the higher studies or a better job opportunity or marriage, brothers and sisters have to stay miles away from each other at one point of life. But, if you don’t want the distance to hamper your bond with your siblings then, you have to make some extra efforts to always stay in touch with them. This article suggests you six beautiful ways to stay connected to your siblings even if they are miles apart from you:


Stay Connected Via Social Media

Social media is a blessing and you should definitely make use of it. You can always keep a track of your sibling’s daily activities via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can even chat with them, share photos with them, and ask them to send their photos to you via social media platforms. Also, when you are getting bored at your office or in your class, you can chat with them and have fun.

Send Gifts for Them Often

When you stay miles away from your siblings, it becomes really difficult to take out time and celebrate the special occasions with them. In that situation, you can always send your best wishes to your siblings via gifts. For instance, on occasions like Raksha Bandhan, even if you or your brother cannot manage to visit each other, you can send rakhi to India or anywhere else where your brother resides via online gift portals and make your presence felt.

Make A Surprise Visit

Because you don’t need an invitation to visit your sibling’s place, you can make a surprise visit to him or her at anytime you are free. And, this gesture will surely bring you closer to your siblings. For instance, on your sibling’s birthday, you can plan a surprise visit and bring a thousand watt smile on his or her place. Even at the times when your siblings are sick, always try to reach out to them. This gesture will make them feel loved.

Call Them Once in A Day

No matter how busy you get with your own life, always make sure to call your siblings at least once in a day and make sure that everything is okay with them. Also, don’t forget to ask about how their day went because it is a good way to confirm if they are going through any problem or not. Also, don’t forget to give your advice or suggestions to them if they are going through any trouble.

Write Emails or Letters to Them

If you and your siblings live far away from each other where you cannot always talk over calls due to the difference in time, prefer writing letters or emails to each other. Although, writing letters is an old-fashion way of telling someone how much you miss him or her, it is something one can always treasure.

This is how you can always stay close to your siblings even if you are miles apart from them and build your bond stronger with them.
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