7 Gift Giving Do’s and don’ts-gift ideas

 One thing that we are sure of is that most of the people run out of ideas after purchasing the same gift year after year for their loved ones. That’s the reason why most of them give out money as gifts. We know that the breaks are already nerve-wracking and for that reason we are here to guide you through. The following are few gift giving ideas that you can go for in 2019. 

 Do: Think what you should gift while keeping the recipient in mind

When you are out in the market to shop for a good gift for your loved ones, then you have to start by thinking of what the recipient loves. You should take enough time observing them and coming up with a gift that you are sure it will appeal to them and to you. If possible, try to make the gift as personalized as possible. If you are gifting your father or your son on the next gift giving occasion, then you can check what they usually love including laptops and watches. If you notice that they really have a personal connection with their watches, then get to the market and look for a perfect watch to gift them. 

Do: Shop online

There are several benefits of buying gifts online. After you have come up with a good gift for them, then you can check online for the best deals. This gives you an easy time shopping. You have a large collection of gifts and hence you can be able to get exactly what you want while at home and without any hustle. However, if you are shopping online, you have to check the company’s shipping and return policy. Some of them don’t offer returns and for this reason you may have a hard time connecting with them in case the item is defective or if you received the wrong one. Buying for watches online should be a simple affair, get to a perfect place to shop for iwc watches and any other watch make you want for the next gift giving occasion. 

Do: Stick to a budget

It is always wise to keep a budget in mind. Just craft a reasonable amount of money that you are willing to spend on that gift. It doesn’t mean that because you are gifting someone you love you have to drain your financial reserves. In most of the offices, there are some set rules regarding the amount of money that someone should spend on a gift. In most of the instances office gifts shouldn’t exceed $30. In other situations, especially when you are gifting your significant other or your family member, you need to sit down and figure out an amount that you are able to spend on a gift. 

Do: Use pretty packaging

Every time you are preparing a gift for your loved one you have to ensure that the packaging is appealing and extremely adorable. The fact is that the packaging is half of the job. You want the recipient to be happy and for that reason you have to invest both inside and outside of the package. You can look for brilliant arts in town especially those made from recycled tissues, bottles and bags. This will save you money and time. 

Do:Buy several weeks before the D-Day

This is another thing that you should do if you want it to be simple and easy to gift someone you love. The wisest idea is to plan ahead. If you already know the day you will gift your loved one, then take some time to prepare for this especially if you are purchasing gifts online. Allow some time for corrections. You can even buy the gift a month or two before the real occasion. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have enough time for return and exchanges. 

Don’t: Never offer a religious present, if you do, then be very careful

You don’t have to plan a religious gift which may at one or the other way offend the receiver or step on your believes. However, if you are on a religious gift giving occasion, you can look for a wise idea in this. Though, you also have to make this gift broad and not specifically on a certainreligious view. If you are just celebrating the holiday, you don’t have to make suppositions. You just give someone a gift they will be comfortable with. 

Don’t: Re-gift

There are several schools of thoughts on this but most of them will agree re-gifting is not a wise decision. The reality of the matter is that you are re-gifting that present simply because you don’t want it. If you really loved the gift you were given, then you cannot be thinking of re-gifting it. Now the sense will come in when you are planning to give away a gift you don’t love and wait for the receiver to love it. If you have such kind of gifts in your wardrobe, then just return it or give it away as a ‘’just because’’. Another thing is that re-gifting will make you appear cheap. It will also make you appear careless and for that reason, it’s not a good thing to do especially to someone who already know you have that gift in your house. 

Don’t: Overspend to make someone happy

One thing that most of the people don’t talk about is that there are several instances where you can invest a lot of money on a gift and eventually be left regretting. The reality of the matter is that most of the instances the recipient will appreciate the gift regardless of how cheap it is. This means that it is not so necessary to drain your financial reserves for a single day gift giving occasion. 

Don’t: Never give inappropriate gifts

This will come in especially when you are gifting your boss or your coworkers. You need to be sensitive to what you go for in this case. Just gift them something that they will feel comfortable to take and something you won’t feel shy to give out. 
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