7 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Cooking Easier

 The kitchen is where all the magic happens. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a beginner cook, learning a few kitchen hacks will make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable. There are many tricks you can use to preserve your foods longer, cook faster, or make your tasks simpler. Here are seven easy hacks you can try.


 1. Slice Cherry Tomatoes with Ease

Cherry tomatoes are a delicious component for a salad. However, their small size makes cutting more difficult and riskier for most people. There’s a high possibility that you’ll cut your finger when trying to slice cherry tomatoes into halves.

To avoid this, place your tomatoes between two identical plates and use a long, sharp knife to cut between the plates. You can check choppychoppy.com to get some reviews and tips on how to get the best kitchen knives.

2. Chill Your Warm Beer or Wine Faster

A cold beer or glass of wine is very relaxing during a hot day. But what happens if the beer in your fridge is not cold enough?

If you have some frozen blueberries or grapes in your freezer, plop them in your glass of wine to make it cooler. Unlike ice cubes, the frozen fruits will chill your wine perfectly without diluting it.

For beer lovers, use a wet paper towel to wrap your can or bottle before putting it in a freezer. The paper towel will help to pull warmth from the bottle or can faster. Your beer will be chilled within 15 minutes!

3. Freeze Wine in an Ice Cube Tray

You can add flavor to your dishes and avoid wastage of leftover wine by freezing it in an ice cube tray. Leaving your leftover wine in your fridge for days allows it to oxidize and lose its original taste. You can avoid this by pouring your leftover wine into an ice cube tray. Use the wine cubes to add to stews, soups, sauces or risottos for that extra flavor.

4. Use Your Oven or Microwave to Sweeten and Soften Bananas

It’s always disappointing when you want to enjoy a banana only to realize that it’s not ripe enough. There’s an easy way to solve this.

Take your banana without peeling it and place it on a parchment-lined plate. Preheat it in your microwave or oven until the skin blackens. Your banana will soften and speed-ripen in a few minutes.

5. Perfect Way to Reheat Pizza

You might have noticed some cold spots after reheating a pizza in a microwave. The pizza also might come back dry. For most people, the dry parts end up going to waste - but it doesn't have to be this way.

You can get your pizza to reheat evenly by placing a cup of water in your microwave. This helps to release moisture inside the microwave, making your slice come out moist and delicious.

6. Cut Soft Foods Using Dental Floss

Soft foods such as cakes, Swiss rolls, and cheese can get messy when cut using a knife. You can make things easier by using an unflavored and unwaxed dental floss to cut such foods. It is also useful when you want to tress meat, unstick stubborn dough or lift cookies from a sticky cookie sheet. It’s important to have a dental floss box in your kitchen for such purposes.

7. Test Whether Your Eggs Have Gone Bad

It’s common to find people throwing away eggs once their sell-by dates have passed. However, a simple test can help you to avoid tossing away good eggs. Fill a glass with water and dip your egg to see whether it will float or not. A bad egg will float while a good one will sink.


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