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A Studio Redesign Brings Movie Characters to Life
Friday, 15 March 2019

 The world today has become quite difficult to please, especially with the ever-analyzing eyes of the observers. If you have a business, it is vital that you pay attention to the smallest details. You will constantly be under scrutiny, which is why you should be careful with how you move, talk, and even how you design your reception area. 

 With so many rivals around, you need to stay relevant and focused so you can survive the competition. There are many significant things to think about, and one of them has something to do with the reception desk you use. You want to make sure that your visitors and potential clients will see how your company is best represented. The best way to achieve this purpose is to have a well-appointed reception area. 

Several ideas may pop up but here is an example that will truly inspire you. An interior design firm called LIFE.STYLE redesigned The Culver Studios, which is a production studio located in the city of Los Angeles, California. Since it is a production studio, you can expect to see movie posters and other exhibits in the building. However, this particular site wanted to make a difference. 

Instead of using simple posters for the exhibits, the firm chose to have murals on the walls. The design is actually quite clever and unique: 

The Green Light: The central concept behind this so-called green light, which is all over the space, is that no project will ever move forward without receiving a go-signal. Since green light in traffic lights means go, the glow is first seen on the bright sign right on top of the reception desk. 
Playful Sign: Visitors are greeted with the cheeky poster that says “This is your green light.” 

Sitting Area: Aside from the designs and the lights all around the place, guests will immediately see how the reception area is well put together. The sitting area looks inviting and comfortable with bespoke furniture. There are copper and warm wood accents, including the script side table, which adds a sophisticated touch to the room. 

Murals: Perhaps among the most talked about aspects of the redesigned studio are the murals on the walls themselves. Two street artists worked on all the illustrations that visitors will witness when they step into the place. 

Movie Characters: The murals painted on the wall are favorite movie characters, including The Joker, Captain Hook, and Batman. The paintings feature bright colors, and each movie character is given a funky face, but they all look creatively remarkable. At the bottom of the drawings, the artists signed their name. 
Custom Wallpaper: Another element that is hard to miss is the wallpaper that was created painstakingly using old TV and movie scripts. Some of the sketches were made from historical photos, and they were merely joined together to form the foundations of the wallpaper. 

Walking toward the studio’s meeting room, you will see a long rectangular table is at the center with chairs framing it. The walls are filled with old photos, scripts, and other pieces of paper that were joined together using a clip. A display table is at one side of the room and carries a few books, which are stacked neatly. 

In another part of the studio, a boardroom has fewer displays on the wall, but there are plants and books exposed. They surround a flat-screen TV while a round table sits at the center of the room. The studio also features a dining space that has a contemporary look. The reflective gold wall mirrors are hexagon shaped. There are also pendant lamps and matte black chairs in the area. 

A fridge, microwave, and cabinets go well with the shiny surface. All in all, you can already see the modern theme of the place. 

Redesigns are Not Always Successful 

While the studio redesign is fruitful, not everyone can have a happy ending. Studio Feixen, for example, was tasked to restyle 20 Minuten, which is the most-read daily Swiss newspaper. The company collaborated with Samsung to complete the project in one day. The partnership was part of launching Samsung Galaxy S8 in Switzerland. 

Layouts featured graphics that were indeed brightly colored, including dots and brushstrokes, which will instantly remind you of how you use your smartphone. They mimicked tapping and swiping on the screen while the globules were meant to give the pages their newly found energy. Studio Feixen freely customized the paper, and the results had vibrant highlights, red scribbles, and colorful blobs. 

The idea may have been unique, but not everyone was happy. Many readers found the design frustrating that they could not read the text. The newspaper responded on their Facebook page that it was an experiment. They also apologized for what happened, and it was a trial that they would no longer do in the future. 

Redesigning Techniques to Emulate 

If you are thinking about redesigning your waiting room or a part of your office, there are several things to consider. A professional designer’s insight is often helpful, but you should also know what you want. For the most part, you should redesign with productivity in mind. 

The key ingredient is engagement and corporations should know how to implement an effective structure that will fully engage their workers. At the same time, it is useful to reflect on what you want your business to represent. For instance, a creative studio in Lithuania called Boy recently redesigned Daile, which is a publication that signifies Lithuanian art. 

It was indeed a huge responsibility, but Boy approached the task with research and careful evaluation of the magazine and its readers. The result was a combined look of Daile’s old days accompanied with a modern twist. 

Offices are much like homes. If you plan to redesign yours, you should treat it as a critical project. You spend several hours of your waking life in the area so you should choose the right style, along with the furniture. You do not have to go anywhere when shopping for new furniture pieces because you can now buy them straight from your online device.
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