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Amazing Accessories to Get for Your Nintendo Switch
Saturday, 16 March 2019

 One of the best qualities of the Switch is its versatility. You can use it as a regular home console, facing off against your friends in heart-racing rounds of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Overcooked! 2. You can turn that console into a portable system to take on walks or bus-rides, letting the hustle and bustle of commuters fade into the background as you explore the awe-inspiring designs of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

 The versatility doesn’t end there! There are amazing add-ons and gadgets that can transform the console. Give your gaming experience a boost by ordering some of these accessories:

1. Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons

The construction toy platform Nintendo Labo launched their line of incredible contraptions in April 2018, pushing the boundaries of what a gaming console could do. The line offered a variety of kits with cardboard cut-outs ready for assembly. When the materials were topped off with a Switch and its Joy-Cons, users could make miniature pianos, walking animals, fishing rods that could reel in digital catches and more.  

When the line was first announced, some gamers scoffed that people were going to spend $59 to $69.00 on cardboard that would fall apart instantly. Those predictions haven’t been close to true. The Verge’s Andrew Webster tested several of the accessories at his house and found that the Nintendo Labo cardboard held up after weeks of use, and sometimes, abuse, from his young kids.  

If you have little kids, these innovative accessories will amaze them. If you don’t have any, get a kit anyway and see just what your Switch can do. 

 2. The Poké Ball Plus

Last year, Nintendo released Pokémon: Let's Go with Eevee and Pikachu. The game is widely considered to be an upgrade from the classic Yellow, Red and Blue games because of its optimized mechanics, gorgeous designs and adorable details. It also helps that the game is tapping into the nostalgia of adults who used to ride the school bus with a Game Boy clutched in their hands. 

One week after the game’s release, the industry leader announced that they had sold more than three million copies worldwide — making it the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game at the time. 

If you’re one of the millions fulfilling their fantasy of being a Pokémon trainer, you can amplify your experience with an accessory like the Poké-Ball Plus. The gadget works like the Switch’s Joy-Con, so you can use it to move your character and take actions. It’s equipped with features to enhance the playing experience like vibration, colorful lights and sounds.

The most exciting reason to get yourself a Poké Ball Plus is that it lets you act like the trainers inside of the game — you can use the ball to capture your pocket monster or carry them around with you. It has a convenient wrist attachment, so you don’t throw the gadget across the room and into your flatscreen. If you’re a true believer of the motto “gotta catch ‘em all,” you will want to get your hands around one of these.

 3. A Cool Skin

Maybe you’re tired of carrying around a carbon-copy of everyone else’s game system, with one neon blue and one neon red Joy-Con. Nintendo does let you buy separate Joy-Cons in a few colors, in case you want to branch out. 

If you don’t like their short list of color options, you can always get skins for your Switch console, Joy-Cons and dock. Click to check out the coolest Switch skins in striking shades like sapphire purple and vibrant red or bold patterns like camouflage and black matrix. Whatever your taste, you can find the right design for you. 

A cool skin will do more than give your console a makeover — it will protect it from cosmetic damage like scrapes and scuff marks. Choose a brand with a unique adhesive that won’t leave residue on the device after its removed. That way, you can change up the look whenever you want without having to do a deep clean. 

Using your Nintendo Switch right out of the box is perfectly fine. You will still have a blast training in Pokémon Let’s Go, showboating in Fortnite and battling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But if you want to appreciate the true potential of your console, you should pause your games for a second and order these accessories. 
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