Child Safety Online

Sharing too much information online is usually not a good idea as it can have unfortunate and devastating consequences for your personal and professional life. Therefore, to help you avoid sharing too much information, I have decided to give you 10 tips to help you online:

Ensure that you watch your back

When you are about to post anything online, pause and imagine the post being read or the photo being seen by someone in authority, someone you respect. If what you are about to post makes you uncomfortable, then the best thing to do is to avoid posting it.

Use a nickname

It is usually a good idea to use a nickname when signing up for microblogging sites such as Twitter. In such cases, avoid using your real name. Set up a separate, personal email account to use with social media sites instead of using your main personal or work email. Remember, only connect with people you know.

Check your settings

Utilize the privacy and security settings on social media to ensure that your family and friends are the only ones who are able to see your pages. After doing this, tell your family members and friends to do the same as their pages could end up affecting your page.
This is because of the fact that even if you have locked your account as private, any personal information you may have shared with your friends or family members can be easily accessed through their accounts

Mother’s maiden name

Avoid using your mother’s maiden name as a password or as a bank security answer. It does not matter whether you use the real name. Therefore, make up a name that you can easily remember.

Guard personal information

It is wise to avoid posting any personal information especially your email address, your address and mobile number publicly on the internet. This is mainly because of the fact that a complete stranger can use even one piece of information to find out more about you.
If you want to include your birthday in your profile, then it may be a good idea to avoid displaying it publicly as posting your full date of birth makes you vulnerable to identity fraud.

Photos and videos

It is good to avoid posting certain videos and photos on social media sites as you could end up sharing more information than you think. Avoid photos of your workplace, your home, school or any other place you are associated with. Keep in mind that after putting a picture of yourself online it ceases to be yours alone as some people may decide to download it.

Check what is needed

Some people give out information on the internet just because someone has asked them to do so. However, doing this can lead to devastating consequences. It is a good idea to ask yourself whether the person asking for your personal information really needs it.
When you are filling in forms online such as when registering with a website or signing up for a newsletter, it is wise to provide as minimum information as possible.

Direct message

In most cases, sending a direct message or private message on social media is the best option especially when having a personal chat. However, if you want to share your conversation with millions of other users, then there is no need of sending a private message or direct message. Alternatively, I would advise you to send an email from a private account.

Delete old accounts

If you have stopped using a certain social media site or forum, then it may be a good idea to close your account. Doing this will prevent you from leaving your personal information out there for unauthorized people to see.

Get anti-virus software

Ensure that your computer has an anti-virus software installed as this will make your computer secure by protecting it from malware. You should also be careful of what you install or download on your computer to make it more secure.
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