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Connie Jordan, Las Vegas Life Coach, Shows How to Analyze Your Motives When Setting Goals
Sunday, 09 June 2019

According to Connie Jordan, Las Vegas LIfe Strategist and Coach, when setting new goals, take a moment to consider where the idea came from to help you make better plans.

Goals that are well-thought-out and that suit you have a much better chance of being achievable than goals that spring from desires not your own. For instance, are you setting a goal because someone else prompted you with the idea? Did someone give you a lecture, like "you should do this or that?" Even a doctor, gym coach, or teacher can mislead you. It takes strength to step up and do you, not become what someone else suggests.

Just because someone else thinks you should do something, doesn't mean you should. For instance, say the person influencing you is an early riser who gets up at 5 a.m. to do a gym workout. If you're not an early riser, making a drastic change to your schedule to model this person is sure to result in sabotage. Goals that are set to please someone else won't last. You need to be personally committed to the idea. Subtle changes that work with who you are and your motivations are more likely to result in success.

To analyze your motives and ensure they are doable, Connie Jordan of Las Vegas recommends that you ask yourself these essential questions:

1. Are you Trying to Please Someone Else?

Are your goals driven by trying to copy someone else? Are you setting them because someone else thinks it's a good idea?

Just because your sibling, friend, or co-worker does something they love to do, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

Let them be them while you are you.
2. Are You Trying to Impress Someone?
Are your goals merely an attempt to grow rich or impress someone? Or does the root stem from trying to make yourself a better person using your skills and ability to do so?

Set your goals for great and lasting reasons.
3. Are your goals rooted in an attempt to try to control your world?
The need to exert control is borne out of fear and insecurity. Trying to be perfect or to control life is bound to lead to frustration since there is so much beyond your control.

Don't be rigid in your goal setting.
4. Are You Seeking Attention?

Do your goals stem from a desire to earn friends or receive the love you feel is missing? For instance, do you attend all your friends' networking events so they'll like you, or because you want to support them?

Just as you can't control another person, you can't make someone like or love you.

5. Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Are you flexible? If you fail, will you pick yourself back up? If your goals don't work out, will you still be happy? Are you willing to alter your goals as needed?

Don't make your happiness depend on a chart of check marks.

The temptation is to set goals with rigid rules, but be careful about setting unrealistic goals that lead to self-sabotage. Drastic changes to your routine will test your resolve to persist.

Consider your motives when setting goals. Choosing goals that work for you, your personality, your schedule, and your way of life will result in greater success.

About Connie Jordan:

Connie Jordan of Las Vegas is a professional life, career and executive coach at Anchor Adversity. As the founder and CEO, she is trusted with educating, motivating, and re-branding thousands of individuals’ leadership spirit by coaching life strategies. Jordan is known as an energetic and positive professional who takes pride in supporting others as they engage in self-development to embrace change.
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