Cryptocurrency ATM Companies Are On The Rise With Thousands Of Machines Built

 There are some strange new ATMs which are gaining traction around the world that many people have yet to hear of, the cryptocurrency ATM. They are still rather obscure, but more than four thousand total machines have been built and are now operational around the world in 71 countries. 

 Unlike the traditional ATMs that we all know of, which let you withdraw or deposit money from your own bank account, cryptocurrency ATMs let customers purchase a variety of different cryptocurrencies using their credit card or even real cash. If you are in North America, you will be happy to know that more than half of these machines are located here and chances are you will see one of these new cryptocurrency machines popping up soon as they gain popularity. 

Cryptocurrency has been around for a few years now, but it is still seen as a foreign concept for many people when it comes to handling their money. Luckily, these new crypto machines that are popping up everywhere come with guided instructions to make the entire process simple and quick, even for those who are new to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency since the rise of this digital market, and because of this, the vast majority of cryptocurrency ATMs focus on Bitcoin as the primary digital currency to provide users with local Bitcoin exchange options.

CoinFlip is a cryptocurrency ATM company that has set up a large project to deliver quality, user-friendly crypto ATMs around the country. Daniel Polotsky, the CEO and founder of CoinFlip, managed to use the very first cryptocurrency ATM machine that landed in Chicago and was delighted by the idea of it. Unfortunately, great ideas can be executed poorly, just like the first crypto ATM Daniel that used, which was very difficult to use.

This first experience with a cryptocurrency ATM sparked an idea in Daniel to create an ATM that was much more user-friendly, while also simplifying the transaction process. In this way, even the most inexperienced cryptocurrency user would be able to use the machine to purchase a cryptocurrency of their choosing without a hassle. This was the most important part for Daniel, since most users, even those who understand cryptocurrency, are not accustomed to using a cryptocurrency ATM. 

Daniel put his idea into action right away, and within just a couple of months, CoinFlip put down its very first cryptocurrency ATM specializing in Bitcoin. Step-by-step instructions make every CoinFlip ATM simple and fast to use. Since placing down the first machine in 2015, CoinFlip has placed more than 100 crypto ATMs around the United States with support for six different major cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Komodo, and of course, Bitcoin. 

Daniel and his team have put in a lot of effort to make CoinFlip stand out in the cryptocurrency ATM market. Currently, they have ATMs spread across the country, offer the lowest fees of any crypto ATM provider, and they provide 24/7 customer support by phone, email, and even text. Best of all, CoinFlip respects its customers' privacy and does not sell any information to other companies.
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