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Custom Challenge Coins
Monday, 12 December 2022

Challenge coins embody the spirit of loyalty and ownership in an organization. These coins come in different sizes, styles, and shapes and are given to an individual as a welcoming gift to a group or unit, or in recognition of an outstanding service and similar reasons.

Symbolic meaning

Challenge coins symbolize many attributes such as commitment, strength, and chivalry. These coins can be awarded to people for their dedication and loyalty to a group which is a very crucial attribute for team achievement. They also foster brotherhood among members of a group. These coins can be customized with different images and texts to portray different meanings

GS-JJ’s Custom Challenge Coins

Where else to get your custom challenge coins from than an experienced and leading company which also happens to be part of the Challenge Coin history? The experienced craftworkers at GS-JJ are capable of designing coins of various shapes and sizes according to your taste.

Based on your requirements, the surface of your challenge coins can be designed using motto, logos or pictures.

Additionally, the company can recreate your corporate logo, text, or symbol in fine detail on a coin. The custom challenge coin no minimum service offered by GS-JJ can handle whatever style or quantity you want.

Uses of Challenge coins

1. Challenge: The tradition of challenge among units is done to ensure that members are carrying their coins on them. Every member of an organization can be challenged to produce their coins failure of which they have to buy drinks for the challenger.

2. Mark Events: They are used for rewarding and honoring people and to commemorate events in non-profit, military and government departments.

3. Build Team Spirit and Friendship: They are used boost morale, togetherness, and to award excellence and achievement among officers or team members. From the military rank and files to presidents, challenge coins have been used to show appreciation and loyalty.

Custom Challenge Coin Design

GS-JJ makes use of some of the most effective techniques and methods to design and produce unique challenge coins. These techniques include 3D molding, acrylic coatings, cut-outs, and dual plating. 2D molding can also be employed in the case where you prefer coins with smoother surfaces. There are many colors to choose from for your coins, including glitter and glow-in-the-dark color options to add a bit luster to the design.

Challenge coins are made in sizes to meet your specifications, both in terms of diameter and thickness. The size of your customized challenge coins will depend on what you intend to display on them. The shapes will also be customized to suit your needs and that of your organization. Plating and finishing options also vary, with options like silver, gold, bronze, nickel or antique finishes. You can get your custom challenge coins no minimum order at an affordable price.

Whatever pictures, monuments or logos you desire can be inscribed on the challenge coin with precision. GS-JJ isn’t just a manufacturer of custom challenge coins, they make long-lasting collectibles which can help develop relationships among people and enhance commitment to an organization or group. GS-JJ works with you all the way to produce high-quality coins that are to your satisfaction.

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