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Do Clear Braces Work?
Monday, 15 February 2021

Everyone wants a great smile, but might need help to get there. Currently, more and more individuals are having success with clear braces. Misaligned and out of place teeth aren’t something that anyone needs in life. For many years, the only solution to this issue was the old-fashioned wire braces. However, currently, there are many subtle options available for you to organise and straighten your teeth.

You can take help from Cosmetic dentist Little Falls that assures high quality dental care. Clear braces provide a perfect way of straightening the out of place teeth without it being noticed that you’re doing it. With clear braces, it’s likely no one will notice it at all. You should understand that clear braces are not suitable for everyone. Before visiting your orthodontist, you should request to know what is ideal for you.

Get to know if they have the much-needed experience in treating individuals with clear braces. Also, do your research and get some references before and after the images of the patients.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are the cosmetic alternatives to metal braces that blend in perfectly with your misaligned teeth, and they are less noticeable. They provide great options for individuals who need braces, but they do not want them to show. Also, they are perfect options for individuals who aren’t candidates for Invisalign but still need a less visible solution.

You should know that not all clear braces are equal and they are manufactured from different materials depending on the provider. For example, EZ Smile Aligners are made from a high-quality BPA-free plastic that doesn’t aggravate your gums or cheeks. Some of the clear braces are manufactured from porcelain and ceramic which are similar to the elements of the crown. Other clear braces are made of materials similar to plastic.

All these materials have their pros and cons. It is essential that you identify an orthodontist who is committed to using high-quality clear braces that will be resistant to breakage and staining. You should understand that clear braces aren't the same thing as the invisible braces as most individuals assume. Clear braces are like the conventional metal braces, but they use clear brackets to straighten the misaligned teeth.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

When you apply a small amount of pressure to your teeth, they will move smoothly in the direction of the force. Currently, the entire process of teeth movement is deeply understood by science and the bone structure around your teeth is capable of making way to your tooth movement and the re-forming behind it.

Your clear braces work by utilising various clear aligners. Every aligner exerts pressure on to your teeth in the direction of movement needed. Naturally, as the teeth move, the pressure reduces, and it's at this point that your dentist will need you to replace your aligner with the new one. In most facilities, the Invisalign orthodontic system plans the number of aligners you require using computer software at the beginning of every treatment.

The software helps decide the number of aligners you will require to move your teeth in the right direction. When you've got your Invisalign braces, your dentist will provide you with two to three aligners, and you will have to visit the facility to have the progress monitored. In most cases, treatment takes approximately twelve months with one aligner lasting about two weeks.

Who Are the Candidates for Clear Braces?

Clear braces do work perfectly. They move the teeth just as the regular braces do and they make sure that the misaligned or crooked teeth do not stay that way. But there are a few things to take into consideration before getting them. Clear braces are mainly used for cosmetic adjustments majorly on top and front teeth.

Also, they are more expensive compared to regular braces, but if this is not an issue, then clear braces do work and might be perfect for you. The best candidates for clear braces are teenagers since most of their teeth and jaw are still in the development process. However, it does not mean that you cannot wear clear braces later in your life.

In fact, most adults undergo orthodontic treatments with great results. Due to the technological advancements in this industry, you might not even notice that the person next to you is wearing braces. The only thing that can limit the choice of the braces is the severity of an individual’s case.

The Types of Braces

The common types of braces include the ceramic brackets, clear aligners and the inside braces. Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces except that they feature tooth-coloured brackets rather than metals to straighten your teeth. Clear braces are generally non-staining, and they blend with your teeth, which make them less noticeable than the metal ones. However, they are not as invisible as clear aligners or inside braces. The inside braces, as well as the clear aligners, go a step further making the treatment process virtually invisible.

Clear braces can help you fix a wide range of dental issues including overbites, gapped teeth, crowded teeth and under-bites. These are just a few of the issues that clear braces can correct. Clear braces do not interfere with your daily activities and life, and they will allow you to get the beautiful smile you have been looking for.
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