Exam-Labs and Top Forums & Blogs about Microsoft Certifications

 The Microsoft certificationsallowthe IT professionals to establish their skills and expertise in the field of technology. These credentials are gaining popularity due to their requirement for kick-starting a successful career in the IT field.

 There are various forums and blogs regarding the Microsoft certificates that are providing information of the good quality to the readers. Here, we present the top forums and blogs about the Microsoft credentials, which are actively educating and motivating readers. Don’t forget about preparation websites such as Exam-Labs that can also offer great study materials.

Microsoft Blog

The official Microsoft blog started in January, 2010 at Redmond. Now, it has 12,639,575 followers on Facebook and 8,420,641 followers on Twitter. The Microsoft team always tries to see how the clients and customers are making use of the products for creating new splendid ideas, discovering interesting solutions for their problems, as well as staying connected with their dreams. The blog is designed to motivate and encourage the individuals and organizations towards success and prosperity. It posts 2 times every month on their website – blogs.microsoft.com.

Microsoft Education Blog

The Microsoft education blog is all about motivating and empowering the IT students and professors. It is called to help them accomplish much more than before with the use of the resources and keys provided by Microsoft. In this way, the teachers and students will be able to teach and learn in new ways. They can focus more on what they can discover, create, develop, and design with the help of technology. This blog posts around 4 times a week on their website that is educationblog.microsoft.com. The Microsoft education blog has about 331,823 followers on Twitter and 218,023 fans on Facebook.

Microsoft Windows Blog

The Microsoft Windows blog is the official blog for Microsoft Windows and devices. It is active since April, 2007 with about 47,041,376 fans on Facebook and 471,842 followers on Twitter. The main goal of this blog is to provide motivation and encouragement for the individuals and organizations around the globe. You can access it at blogs.windows.com.

Windows Central Forum

With 387,375 fans on Facebook and 371,068 followers on Twitter, it is a top forum that provides the latest resources about Microsoft. It includes the latest news, reviews, guides, accessories, and help for the interested individuals. This leading resource has a website that you can visit to find out more about this world.

Microsoft Power User

It is the leading blog in the field of IT technology, which is based in London with about 106,443 followers on Twitter and 37,731 fans on Facebook. This blog is completely focused on Microsoft. It is a place where you will get every information regarding Microsoft, from surface and Windows 10 to Windows mobile phones. You will keep up with the changes as the site is updated every week with 168 posts.

Microsoft MSDN Blogs

The Microsoft MSDN blog page was found in October, 2005 and since then, it has been a great resource of information, news and tips from the Microsoft experts and developers. It provides development recommendations, research materials, and case studies. It has 1,925,928 fans on Facebook and 286.953 – on Twitter. There are over 5 posts each week. You can also be a part of the Microsoft MSDN blog community by visiting their website blogs.msdn.microsoft.com.

Microsoft News by Google

Active at news.google.com/news/section, with 25,935,874 fans on Facebook and 215,732 followers on Twitter, this blog is focused on the latest changes regarding Microsoft. This is gathered from news resources from around the globe by Google news. Based in Mountain View, CA, the website is updated every week.

Microsoft Reddit

A blog based in San Francisco has around 1,188,065 fans on Facebook and 550,062 followers on Twitter. It is mainly focused on the news and events related to Microsoft, and they keep you updated by posting 56 posts every week. You can access the webpage at reddit.com/r/microsoft.

Microsoft Enterprise

Microsoft Enterprise is based in Redmond, Washington, and was found in February,2015. Nowadays, its followers and fans get to see three posts per month. It was created by Microsoft with the aim of helping people and enterprises across the globe reach and realize their worth and potential. Besides, it is possible to get the latest news here. Information from the Microsoft experts and developers are reliable. You can get to know how industry and government-based programs and services deliver digital transformation. Its Facebook fans are around 386,004 and Twitter followers – around 226,598.

Microsoft Azure Blog

This blog is based in Redmond. It was found in September, 2008. It has been posted by many Azure staffers who are members of Microsoft's integrated Cloud service. It has over 2500 posts that talk about product features, benefits, and news. Through the Microsoft Azure blog, you can know about the latest information, insights, news, and announcements regarding Azure by its developers. It has around 557,877 fans on Facebook and 266,281 followers on Twitter. You can access the webpage at azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog.

Microsoft India Blog

This blog was found in February, 2017 in India. It has overcome a rapid rise in terms of its popularity. It currently has 12,399,588 fans on Facebook and 12,679 followers on Twitter. It gives important information insights and news from Microsoft experts. You can also be a part of the Microsoft India blog community by visiting their website blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/msind.


We have mentioned only some of the top Microsoft blogs and forums. There are much more forums and study resources, for example, Exam-Labs that can help you pass any Microsoft certification exam. Exam-Labs is a popular platform that can guide you during your learning process. It provides exam dumps and practice test questions that are updated. Hence, Exam-Labs is a great companion when it comes to preparing for your IT certification exam. This will help you be ready for your test. Best of luck!
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