Exploring Rome on a Bike
Thursday, 15 August 2019

One of the best ways to explore Rome is on a bike. What makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and fun are the growing interest among locals and tourists to use bikes plus a wide range of options one can pick from.

There is so much to do and see in Rome, and it sure can be an overwhelming experience if they want to explore the country on a bike. Why not go with expert local guides for surety and safety? The expert guides can take you on the best of biking routes and to some of the most interesting spots. Go ahead and take a bike tour in Rome with an expert English-speaking guide. After all, this is indeed a great way to have great fun on a bike ride in Rome and visit major sights and extraordinary attractions.

Cycling is a fun way to get around in Rome, thanks to those more and more bike paths. The bike-friendly city is really easy to get around, and the drivers are very considerate to cyclists and pedestrians. Enjoy cycling together and stop on the way to visit some of the most iconic sights in Rome, like Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna Square, Temple of Mars Ultor, Mausoleum of Augustus, Trajan’s Market, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Parliament, La Strada deipittori Street, Capitoline Hill and more.

There are several reasonably priced bike rentals and interesting itineraries to pick. Choose from an assortment of cycling tours such as TopBike Rental & Tours, Italy Cruiser Bike Tours, and The Red Bicycle. This is your chance to go visit the famous attractions as well as lesser-known sights. Get a customized tour and within your time frame of 2 hours or more.

Go on a well-designed tour, especially meant for families wanting to explore Rome together on bikes. Follow the safest route and enjoy looking at the most impressive sights of the city. You not only see more in less time, but timely break keeps everyone in a good mood and with no signs of fatigue.
Favorite biking trails

Here are some of the popular biking trails that will take you to more unusual areas of Rome.
  • Cycle around Via Appia Antica - Via Appia Antica boasts of a two thousand years old history, and now you can cycle on the path that was once used by the Roman army. The route with cobblestones is unlike any other, and you come across ruins and ancient tombs.
  • Villa DoriaPamphili – If you desire a peaceful bicycle ride, then head for Gianicolo hill behind Trastevere, which is located on the other side of the city. Villa DoriaPamphili is the largest public park in Rome, and the spacious park is just perfect for biking. It is one of the most scenic and exciting parks with well-manicured gardens. Follows the aqueduct Paolo as you cycle on the gravel road.
  • Bike along the Tiber River- Take the Lungotevere path that starts from the Tiber Island and extends all along the Tiber River. This is a perfect route for those looking for a shorter biking experience and is away from the chaos of the city. Just pedal past some attractions like Triumphs and Laments and Rome’s Olympic Stadium.
  • Parco DegliAcquedotti - Parco DegliAcquedotti is located amidst the remnants of Ancient Rome and another great area great for cycling. Also known as the park of the aqueducts, the sprawling park is the engineering genius of the ancient Romans.
The private bike tours give you the freedom to see Rome in your way and the liberty to ride through the city and stop whenever you want. Get the most out of the city and within your time frame.


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