First-Date Tips for Men from Women

Every first date is like a lottery – you either win a girl and secure a second date or make a bad impression and lose. You should also remember that your first date with a girl is meant not for falling in love.

 You go out to get to know each other better and see whether you click. Depending on how you met (your friend set you up, you chat her up standing in line, or met online), you’ll be able to choose an appropriate venue for your rendezvous. The way you behave on a date will define your success. Many guys tend to make a lot of mistakes when they find themselves face to face with a girl they like. We surveyed brides from Russia and here are some tips based on their answers.

Be prepared

You can’t take a girl to some random place. One of the biggest mistakes men make is to take a girl to a place where she feels uncomfortable and totally confused. Just imagine: your date is a vegetarian and you take her to a steakhouse – embarrassing. Here is a tip: have an unobtrusive conversation about her gastronomical preferences or favorite places in town. This way you’ll be able to choose a good venue. You can also ask her about her worst date ever. Let her describe it in detail to know what you shouldn’t do. It’s always good to have a plan B. Anything can play against you – the restaurant you planned to go to might be overcrowded, it might rain when you planned a walk in the amusement park, etc.

Be confident and give attention

One thing that can seriously affect your success is your nervousness. So you should relax. Easier said than done, you may say. But there is a technique. Imagine that you’re going out with your old friend. We are relaxed when we’re around familiar people. This will help you feel more confident. Look her in the eyes and maintain an eye contact – women love attention. And this is also a sign of your interest for them. Know what to ask to keep the ball rolling If you don’t know what to tell her, ask her questions. Yet, it shouldn’t look like an interview. It should be a dialog. The universal matters are her interests, passions, job, family, travel experiences. The no-no topics are past relationships, problems with health, politics, etc. Your conversation should be light and easy, so ask appropriate questions.

Make her smile

Humor creates an easy-going atmosphere between two people who hardly know each other. That’s why employ your sense of humor. Tell funny stories from your childhood and life, comment on something that surrounds you, banter with her. If you get a woman to smile, you get her heart.

Keep your hands to yourself

Although gentle touching is welcome on a date, you should be very careful with this type of physical contact. Remember that you’re still strangers and she may not be happy if you touch her too much. If she gets really interested in you, she’ll initiate a slight touch herself by picking an invisible speck from your jacket touching your hand when telling you something. If you want a serious relationship with this girl, you should have a platonic first date.

Don’t be mean

Be a real gentleman – pay for dinner. Of course, today many girls will offer to split the bill, but you should pick up the tab confidently denying her offer to go dutch. In most cases, women offer to split the bill out of politeness. Indeed, they expect men to pay for dinner on a first date. It’s like a test for them which shows how you deal with problems, even such insignificant like a check in a restaurant.

Finish on a good note

End a date before she gets tired or bored. Should you kiss her at the end of the night? It will depend on how she reacted to your words and touches during the date. If you noticed her romantic interest, then attempt a kiss on her cheek or even lips if she doesn’t step back.

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