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How To Find The Right Bra For Your Body Shape?
Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Do you know what’s fun? Shopping for lingerie! But isn’t this fun pastime also a little frustrating? When you can’t find the right bra that is. If not all women, then at least some can relate to what I’m saying. Whereas I’m pretty sure that most women face this problem. So here’s an article dedicated to how to find the right bra for your body shape.

When shopping, you might be making some common mistakes. And the fact that you’re making them means you don’t know what they are. Is that correct? Not willing to experiment with different bra shapes, styles, and brand is also a false move by the way. So it’s time to understand how to find the right bra for your body shape.

How to Find the Right Bra for Your Body Shape

How to choose a bra style?
Or which type of bra is best for daily use?
Or what is the best bra for lift and shape?

These are all frequently asked questions. So how about I give you the correct answers below!

#1 Don’t just stick to one size
The right measurement always depends on the bra. That means it’s absolutely normal to try different sizes. When you change styles or brands, this is of the utmost importance.
Don’t expect strapless bras and plunge bras to fit you the same way. So your size here is also not similar. Likewise, bra sizes vary depending on the brand as well.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t hesitate to go one size up or down. Instead, focus your attention on the fit and overall feel of the bra.

#2 Make the most of underband support

The band is supposed to be parallel and level to the ground. Only then can it offer the much-needed support.

Thicker bands have the ability to yield more support. There are some bras equipped with a double-lined underband too. So it sits in the correct spot and position.

To provide enough torso support without prodding or poking!

#3 Take the gore into account

That fabric in the middle is called the gore. And this part is supposed to lay flat on the sternum. The tacking helps in anchoring the bra after all.
When the gore’s moving around or floating off your body, expect some wiggling and shifting in your cups too. But there’s a notable exception here. Wirefree bras are not designed with gores that tack. So the same rule doesn’t apply to them.

#4 Give importance to underwire fit

How can you tell if you’re wearing an ill-fitting or wrong style bra? The answer is simple. Just look at the underwires. Are they fully enclosing your breast tissue? Ideally, this wire shouldn’t be digging into your sides. Or resting over the breasts! So if it isn’t enclosing your twins completely, you’re wearing the wrong bra.

#5 Ditch the contoured cup

Contour cups are very popular. Thanks to the nipple-less, smooth half dome appearance that they lend. But keep in mind that molded cups or t-shirt bras are not always the best option.

Do you have pendulous or softer than normal breasts? If yes, then your chances of filling up those cups are highly unlikely. As for larger sizes, molded cups fail to offer optimal support at such times.

So why not experiment a little? You can opt for demi-cups in these circumstances. They are designed with supportive seams, lace, and underwire. That provides

#6 Go for petite sizes if you have a smaller chest

Smaller-busted women require a manufacturer that offers small cup and small band sizes. When the band is tighter, cups shallow, and build close-set, your tiny peaks are in for a treat.

Petite women with petite breasts should absolutely stay away from larger cups. But if you have saggy boobs, irrespective of their size, you should always opt for the best bra for lift and support.

#7 Choose Powernet backs and stretch elastic if you have a bigger chest

Is your band size over 38? If so, then you need a bra built with stretch elastic fabric. Along with a Powernet back! But why is that so important? It’s because such styles give your large bosoms all the support they demand. Without the extra padding!
The cups here are soft and stitches well-shaped. So the piece of lingerie compliments your torso’s natural curves. Minus the discomfort! Much like the best support bras for full-figured cups.

The End

The outcome of how to find the right bra for your body shape is still in your hands. All I’ve done is discussed a few points to make the process a little easier. Don’t get confused with size, shape, style, or brand. Pick whatever you like and make sure that it feels comfortable against your skin. That’s about it.
And if you have anything more helpful to share about bras and their fit, please do so. The comments section is right below.

About the author:

Jennifer Kessler is a blogger with a little bit of every emotion and skill. She’s got humor, creativity, adventure, practicality, and a professional way with words. Her articles are not mediums that make life seem like a pie in the sky. Instead, she focuses on talking about realistic, everyday matters that you wish to find the solutions to.


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