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Saturday, 20 April 2019

 You have sent many job applications and have gone to many job interviews, and all that work is finally starting to pay off because you have now been given a new job. You just can’t hide your excitement, because there is nothing as exhilarating as the end of a job search. Finally, you will be able to service all your bills and cater for your upkeep now that a job offering is on the table.

 Nothing beats the joy of landing a new job, be it your first internship, full-time employment, or any job that will keep you busy for months, and of course, enable you to make ends meet. The excitement that hits you when you receive that job call can overwhelm you. It is utterly normal to be overly elated because your job search is finally over, and you will get to wear with pride that suit you have been saving in your wardrobe for your first day in the office. It is perfectly normal to be overly excited about your first day in the new job. However, you want to stay calm as you start things off at the new office. In as much as you want to control the excitement, it is proving to be a difficult task, and not just for you but for many people out there who are making their first appearance at the office. 

The thought of being labeled ‘the new guy’ in the office sure has a way of getting you nervous, and you just don’t know how to calm yourself down If you find that you are extremely jittery about your first day on the new job, let Jobsora show you how to overcome excitement when entering your new job. How to overcome excitement on your first day on the job.

It Is Better To Arrive Early Than Late

You want to be calm and confident when you walk into the office, and the best way of avoiding nervousness is to arrive early or on time. 

You don’t want to budge into the new office late, breathless and completely exhausted, as this will only add to your anxiety. Plus, it will not look good on you to arrive late on your first day on the job. Therefore, make sure you arrive early so you can be calm in your new job environment. 

To enable you arrive at your new job early, or on time, you can save yourself a lot of time if you prepare for the job the night before. Make sure everything you will need the next morning is in place. Choose your outfit and set it out ready for wearing, and identify the route you will use to get to your job. Expect delays in your transportation, so leave your house at least half-hour earlier so you can be at your new office on time.

And since you want to be as calm as possible, it is recommended that you take calming tea for breakfast. Chamomile would be ideal for you, as it is an effective remedy for steadying your nerves. 

Perform Essential Exercises For Anxiety To Calm Down

Just before you start preparing for the day, you may want to perform essential exercises for anxiety to calm yourself down. Regardless of how nervous you get, you can do a few quick actions to calm yourself down, and fast. With the following actions, you can bring your anxiety to controllable levels.</p><p>

If you find that you are extremely nervous to the point of shaking, it would be best of you to do deep breathing exercises, which are extremely effective in calming you down. In fact, deep breathing has been recognized as one of the best defenses against anxiety attacks, and since you want to rid that nauseating feeling before your day starts, perform the deep breathing exercises to help you stay calm.

If you are into Yoga, then you must be aware of how effective they are in calming you down, and these exercises might be just the things you need to help you stay calm as you go out to face your first day on your new job. 

Anything you can do to keep you calm before you walk out of your door to face the new day, do it.

Psych Yourself Up

Sometimes you need to motivate yourself, and this is one of those moments. Remind yourself of how hard you have worked to get the job and how much you need to keep it. Tell yourself positive things about the job, for instance, how beneficial it will be in your life to have the job.

When you psych yourself up, you increase your confidence to face the new day. You can listen to your favorite music to cheer yourself up, and this often works magic, especially when the butterflies hit your stomach. 

Also, remember to focus on the positive side of life. You wouldn’t want to associate with anything negative in such a crucial moment of your life. When you focus on positive things, you will attract positive energy and you will be more confident as you prepare to start your new job.

Additionally, you can compare yourself to yourself to see the progress you have made in your life. When you do this, you will encourage yourself to go into your new job with more confidence. When you are confident, you will handle the anxiety much better, and it will not show once you step into your new office.


Getting a new job is not easy and it is quite normal for anyone to get nervous on their first day at work. When you find that you cannot control your anxiety or excitement as you prepare for your first day on the job, just use the methods highlighted in this article to help you get through your first day on the job. These strategies are recommended to help you stay calm so you can perform well in your new job.



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