How too much screen time is affecting teens?

 In today’s era, everybody is extremely addicted to their cell phones. It is nearly impossible for people to function without them. Nobody can even imagine leaving their homes without checking for their phones at least twice.

 This is because the advanced technology at this point in time has made everything accessible through our phones. And by everything I literally mean everything. It is honestly scary and intimidating at times as to the level technology has reached today. It is extremely convenient and has made life and communication much easier. Different social media platforms allow people from all around the world to connect and interact and it also is a good means of increasing awareness quicker than any other way. 

Although this is a blessing but is also a curse at the same time. This is because of the dependency which especially teenagers have associated with these gadgets. We can of course sugar coat it and say that cell phones are amazing but studies do not agree to that. One of the main reasons are the demonic screens. 

Spending a lot of time of these can have so many health hazards which are both seen in the short run and the long run. 

Eye sight 

It is extremely common among teenagers to have either spectacles or contact lenses attached to their eyes. It is so common that it is not seen as a serious issue anymore, in contrary people with perfectly sharp visions are asked questions. One of the main culprits of this is the cellphone screens. Harmful rays and over tired eyes cause this issue. Even though many cellphone brands claim that they have protective layers which actually save you from that but this does not mean that your eyes are well rested, you still deprive your eyes of the rest they require by spending most of your day on your phones.

Lack of Physical Activity 

As phones have games, online shopping, social media sites, online banking and so much more available on them, people actually do not go out as often as they should. Although shopping might not sound like a physical activity but if you combine all the small tasks you need to complete by stepping out of your houses, added up it can make a decent amount of physical activity. Older people still indulge in such activities and actually need the fresh air but teenagers on the other hand are not quite familiar with this concept as from a very young age they have been introduced to gadgets. There are several studies on how much screen time is healthy for your teens. This causes so many health issues like spinal pains, obesity, complications related to bones and an extremely lazy personality.

Psychological issues

Social media sites allow people to interact online virtually. For many people, especially teenagers this is sufficient enough due to which actual physically present social interactions are cut out by them. This causes problems like social anxiety, depression, and isolation. This might even cause irrational fears called known as phobias.

Wrapping it up

Excess of everything is bad. When it comes to phones it is worse than you think. You should encourage your teenagers to indulge in outdoor natural activities to avoid all these problems and you should also make them aware of the issues that they can face in the future if they are stuck to their cellphone screens 24/7.
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