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Improve your Writing with these 3 Easy Steps - a Guide for Entrepreneurs
Tuesday, 05 December 2017
Being an entrepreneur often means being a jack of all trades - from being proficient in bookkeeping to having a flair for marketing.
With so much to do and so little time on your hands, writing can sometimes seem like the last straw in your packed schedule. Hiring freelancers or growing your team might take some work off your shoulders, but it will cost you money and has a very high probability of causing more harm than good.
Doing everything yourself is the best possible idea - you’ll have all the control over what’s written on your website, your blog, your social media and your press releases. No need to depend on anybody else’s time or talent, and you get to save money while doing that.
Sounds great, but the problem is that most people find writing in general hard. So, how do you get over that and improve your writing in a way that will also benefit your business?
We’ve got you covered.
1.Don’t start without a plan
Always have a plan before you start writing. You can skip the minor and more mundane details of what you want to your content to be like - just create a general outline of what you’d like to write about.
Make sure your topic is clearly defined and that you have enough material to cover it completely. Outline your introduction, main body and conclusion, segmenting each part into paragraphs. Write a keyword or a central idea of each paragraph that you’ll use as a reminder.
2.Don’t think too much when you write
Now that you’ve got your plan all nice and outlined, it’s time to get down to work. Don’t proofread or edit your content as you write - it takes up too much of your time and won’t do you any good when it comes to your writing confidence.
Whatever comes to your mind - write it. You can repeat ideas, or even sentences, and get back to them later. It’s much easier to edit out the things you like than to keep deleting them as you go.
Over analyzing each and every word won’t make your content better, it will only make writing harder and less productive.
3.Write like you talk
Unless you’re writing a high profile academic paper, there’s really no need for posh vocabulary and complex, unintelligible sentence structures. If you find yourself spending minutes on end trying to remember how to spell egregious or how to use unremittingly in a sentence, then you’re probably wasting your time.
You can diversify your vocabulary and rearrange your sentence structure while you edit your finished text.
These 3 simple steps will help you significantly improve your writing and make it more easy and enjoyable. While we do admit that it’s not exactly rocket science, these tips are definitely confidence boosting!
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