Leo Season: August Astrology Transits and Forecast
Thursday, 22 August 2019

Off the heels of an extremely active retrograde season with 5 planetary giants in retrograde, find out what August holds for astrology transits.

It's officially Leo season! This August there are two key planetary aspects in play this year that involve the planet Neptune. This shift will challenge us all the see the world through vantage points we can learn from.

These lessons will show how deeply our illusions about other people and the world influence us, and not always for the better. Keep reading to learn more about what August holds for astrology transits.

Astrology Transits: Jupiter Goes Direct at 14 Degrees Sagittarius

Jupiter going direct at fourteen degrees Sagittarius is the station we've been waiting for. If you have already been feeling that this year's Jupiter and Sagittarius are inspiring growth, then August 11th will really create change. This day will bring an inspiring green light for you to begin putting that inspiration to good use.

These revisions will be made to long term goals as Jupiter travels backward, and you will be ready for a new expansion phase. You should feel relief since Jupiter in retrograde (when it moves backward) usually creates frustration.

This means when Jupiter is direct or moving forward, it should promote forward movement which feels good.

Uranus Stations Retrograde

August 11th is also when Uranus stations are in retrograde and six degrees Taurus. This means you should be ready to slow down, or even stop in your tracks when it comes to your finances. This is a good time to take a look at your money with a more critical eye and be ready to make and changes that you need to make.

If your resources are at all precarious, Uranus will make it clear where you need to stabilize. Or if you are feeling at all stagnant, Uranus can help you liberate.
However, you'll want to beware that sometimes Uranian liberation has a cost that can look chaotic, so be slow when spending money and buyer beware.


Leo season should also bring a breath of fresh air as the planet of love, pleasure, and romance, Venus comes into conjunction with the hot sun. This only happens twice a year and is key for relationships.

The other time this happens is Relationship Clarity Day which is when Venus conjuncts the sun as it moves backward in retrograde. This is a great time to reconsider and revisit your relationships, but it doesn't mean to move forward with love.

On August 13th, there will be a better variety as Venus moves fast and forward on a day some call Relationship Rapture Day. On this day you will be swept off your feet. If you find yourself in a new relationship this month, there's a good chance that's a good relationship.

This is a time you can move forward, as it's a great time to get engaged, married or even elope.

Mercury Watch

This month, Mercury starts moving slowly, as it recovers for last month's retrograde. As this month goes on, Mercury will pick up some momentum, which helps plans and projects smoothly and easily progress. This is a great time to make easy and swift progress on any project that involves communication and paperwork.

You'll want to set deadlines for paperwork, writing and contract-signing for later this month. Then you will be able to reach these deadlines with confidence.

Important Dates

Here's a breakdown of other noteworthy astrology transits this month. For more guidance on these dates, check out Ask Astrology.

August 13th

As mentioned earlier, this day the Sun is in Leo which conjuncts Venus or the planet of love. This is Relationship Rapture Day which is a time you should make plans with your best friend or beloved. This is when relationships are either formed or deepened and likely to last.

August 15th

Here August's Full Moon is in Aquarius, which leads to real love-fest. This is because it coincides with Relationship Rapture Day, so the mood is already romantic. The relationships you form this month will be stable and good ones.

Mercury also exists it's shadow during this time and returns to where it was in retrograde. This means that things should be back to normal by now.
August 16th

This is when Mercury squares Uranus. Which means if you are dealing with chaotic communication or feel anxious on this day, try to do some grounding meditation. This work should help you balance this buzzy transit.

August 17th

During this time, Mars is moving in pragmatic Virgo. Which means it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work until Mars leaves Virgo on October 3rd.

August 20th

On this date, Venus enters Virgo, and you might find yourself simplifying. Meaning your outfit could be a little more basic than usual, but it somehow becomes one of your most stylish ensembles yet. Take advantage of this inspiration until Venuys leaves Virgo on September 14th.

August 21st

During this time, Mercury trines Jupiter. This means that big ideas will easily come to you today as well as inspiring speeches.

Just make sure you don't pontificate, lecture or have too much of an opinionated zeal. As conversations are meant to happen between two people and not one person.

August 23rd

This is when the Sun enters Virgo, making it Virgo season. This is a time that squirrels get their nuts for the winter, and we start to harvest too. Celebrate Virgo by cleaning up, and getting ready for the winter.

August 24th

Here Venus conjuncts Mars. These are creative planets in earthy Virgo, so use this time to work on any creative endeavors that could use some tweaking.

August 26th

Now Venus trine Uranus, which means we have Venus supporting retrograde. You might find beauty and some changes here that happen recently to your inner world.

August 28th

Now Mars trine Uranus, which means it's a good time for leaps of improvement through practical change.

August 29th

Mercury enters Virgo, which means it's time to focus on details like planning, editing, or anything that can use fixing. Keep improving things until Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra on the 14th of September.

Also on this date the Sun trine Uranus. When this happens it's not hard to find a middle ground between the will of a leader and the will of the people.

August 31st

On this day August's New Moon is in Virgo, which leads to a lot of relationship themes, such as Virgo might not be as virginal as it advertises.

Have a Great Leo Season

Now that you know all about the astrology transits that are happening this month, make the most of these changes. Get those projects done, embrace love, and live life fully. For more astrological guidance, check out our blog.
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