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Look Before You Leap: Important Pros and Cons of Manufactured Homes
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

 Are you trying to decide what type of home is right for you? Before you make the leap, check out these important pros and cons of manufactured homes.

 Complications come with the territory. This truism describes every decision that comes up as you age. 

The once-simple wisdom of home ownership as a cost-saving measure and investment faces challenges in shifting markets. The type of home or even the separation of home from land presents further challenges.

For every decision, weights must be applied to sort the complications. The list of pros and cons of manufactured homes is refreshingly short.
Still, you need to go through them, so let's get started!

Pros and Cons of Manufactured Homes

This list includes crucial portions of the decision, such as financial factors. To this, you also want to look at the more subjective concepts like aesthetic. 


While other factors may also be considered these four provide the most benefit.

Construction Quality

Quality is one of the biggest benefits of manufactured homes. Your home is built by a dedicated team in a specific location. Stick homes are built by a workforce of construction workers and day laborers operating under a contractor.

The crew works with the same materials in the same fashion each unit. They don't deal with problems of weather and improvisation. 
The final structure needs to be sturdy enough to survive transport to your residing land. 

Construction Speed

Speed is cited as the second most important factor for choosing manufactured homes vs regular homes.

Months of labor in ever-changing environmental conditions impact quality. Lack of a steady materials supply further lengthens build times.

Manufactured homes benefit from indoor manufacturing. They use dedicated suppliers or are directly making the homes.

Design Improvements

Upgrades to specific areas in the house come with the price structure. Paying for a home and then changing parts you want for those you don't costs you twice.
Asking for certain upgrades in a regular home relies on the contractor being able to find a supplier. Single-use suppliers for a material they don't often use. This results in lower quality and higher cost.


The pricing on a manufactured home comes at a cheaper bottom line. The savings comes from dedicated supply lines and workforces.
This can also be a con, though, as the purchase price doesn't include installation costs to property. Buying a home and then renting land can be the smart play for anyone looking to rebuild credit


These negatives may not seem threatening but require a long view to appreciate their impact.


The biggest downside of modular homes is the differences in financing. Depending on your intended mooring for the home, some options are not available.
This con has been downplayed in recent years with the advent of specific manufactured home loans

Floor Plan Limitations

The most obvious disadvantages of manufactured homes are in the layouts. While they offer upgrades and improvements, the layouts come from a small pool.
This limitation means the inside of a home feels a lot like any other pefab home. However, with large scale residential projects in most cities doing the same, this fades away. 


The most contentious con of buying a manufactured home is the eventual equity. In the past, modular homes have lost value over time, rather than gaining it. Even now, reports show that they lag behind in overall value to their stick-built counterparts.

That lag is at best 4% which can mean a lot of money in an eventual resale.

Fit For Life

Regardless of the weights you apply to the pros and cons of manufactured homes, the decision is yours alone. No matter what home option you decide to pursue, decorating that home is the next in your long line of complicated decisions. 
Need more inspiration? Check out some design ideas here.
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