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Mitragynaspeciosa- why is this herb being used in cosmetics
Sunday, 17 March 2019

 Mitragyna Speciosaa.k.aKratom. Kratom is a type of evergreen tree hailing from the coffee tree family, native to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar

 As far as the 19th century it's been used as a part of traditional medicine for its medicinal properties and recreational uses, i.e. opioid and stimulant-like effects. It's believed to help with chronic-pain, combating fatigue and boosting the mood.  Thus far, it's even reached the West, as it helps with other issues such as anxiety and inflammation. Due to those reasons, its popularity has attained heights in the West, i.e. Europe and America. Though Kratom has gained popularity in the West, official approval for consumption has yet to be decided. 

Even though approval is yet to be decided for consumption, a new development has occurred where extracted properties from Mitragyna Speciosautilized in cosmetic products. Thus far a few companies in the cosmetics industry have obtained European regulatory approval for their products made with MitragynaSpeciosa extracts. Approval from the European Union is a big deal because they have the strictest safety standards in the world. 

Kratom contains Catechin and Rhamnose

Even though Kratom can cause psychoactive effects Kratom extracts in cosmetics will not get anyone high and cause any psychoactive effects. Moreover, it can be used as an alternative viable form of pain killer either.  What makes Kratom so special is the fact it contains two compounds called Catechin and Rhamnose. Typically these compounds are harvested from individual sources that only contain one of the compounds but Kratom is special because it contains both which are considered valuable for cosmetics companies. Catechin and Rhamnose compounds are typically used in high-end cosmetics. For cosmetics companies using Kratom is the equivalent of hitting two birds with one stone.  Below we will cover the benefits of the aforementioned ingredients.

The benefits of Catechin

Catechin is recognized as flavan-3-ol that is a form of a natural antioxidant and phenol. Typically Catechin is associated with Green Tea and in the cosmetics industry a popular ingredient to incorporate in the products.  Catechin is found in many other natural products such as fruits it's used in many other types of product such as shampoos, lotions, conditioners, cleansers and toners. If you're into skincare and looking younger, you will most likely be pleasantly delighted by the benefit of this particular ingredient. Catechin mitigates the adverse effects of sunlight on skin. Another benefit to Catechin exfoliates the skin without causing it to dehydrate. Moreover, Catechin is a great inhibitor for the breakdown of collagen, not only it prevents collagen break down it also it helps with synthesizing collagen.

The above is only to name a few of the benefits 

The benefits of Rhamnose

Rhamnose is another potent ingredient found in Mitragyniaspeciosa.  It's a naturally occurring deoxy sugar that can be drawn from plants such as poison sumac and buckthorn.  For skin care one of the purposes for rhamnose is for the formation of rhamnolipids. Rhamnolipids usually have one to two rhamnose molecules in its constitution. The molecules are bonded with numerous molecules such as hydroxyl fatty acids. The coalescence of these constitutional molecules enables the rhamnolipids to serve as an effective emulsifier. Thus increasing the quality of the texture and consistency of the cosmetic product.

Other products would typically contain ingredients such as retinoid, which increases the turnover of cells; usually resulting in flaking and redness. However, rhamnose affects your body by initiating a "jump start", it changes the behavior of the relevant cells; resulting in them acting as a new fresh cell.  The sugar molecule has shown to produce other beneficial results such as the epidermis dramatically after two months it also increases the generation of collagen, elastin and other helpful proteins, at the same time it lessening the types of enzymes that breakdown collagen. The breakdown of collagen leads to wrinkles.  

The global cosmetic dermatology industry is massive. Due to the number of competing companies are on the search for new and impactful ingredients and Based on the information in regards to Catechin and Rhamnose you can see why Kratom (MitragynaSpeciosa) has garnered so much attention for itself; due to its powerful properties which aid in excellent skin care.

Companies recognize the value of such a product in the market and appreciate the benefits that people can receive from cosmetic products containing Kratom Extracts; companies such as KratomCrazy. KratomCrazy is a brand that specializes in Kratom (MitragynaSpeciosa) and sells it in bulk through the internet. 


If the above has not convinced you yet and you're aiming for a potent and helpful cosmetic product that keeps you looking young and healthy; products with kratom extracts (MitragynaSpecioca) is one excellent way of going about it!

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