Mobile casino’s rapid growth
Tuesday, 18 June 2019

 In the past decade or so, there has been a huge shift within the gambling industry.

 Casinos are as healthy as ever, constantly offering new gambling games and news ways to bet. However, what has changed quickly and dramatically, is the way in which we now bet. Placing bets has never been easier, quicker and more accessible, thanks to the biggest change in the history of the gambling industry - the mobile casino.

All the most well known and successful casinos have shifted online in the past decade or even earlier, with the likes of Bet365, SkyBet, Betfred, Ladbrokes and more, as well as some exclusively online casinos that have emerged in even more recent history. One thing they all have in common, is a good grip on the mobile casino and mobile gambling market, which now makes a huge chunk of the gambling industry.
There are many reasons for the rapid growth of mobile casino, that stretch way beyond the facts of them being both fun and addictive in unison. To educate some of you who are perhaps new to the booming industry, or to give some inside knowledge to those already well accustomed to gambling online, here are some reasons as to exactly why mobile casino has taken off as well as it has.

The smartphone generation

When online gambling first emerged, it was a slow process.
Used by those with a dial up internet connection, it was the only the technologically advanced few who were reaping the rewards of betting online. Fast forward a decade or two, and we are all connect to the internet via our handheld, smartphone devices - and some of us barely put the things down.
The modern man and woman is always within reach of his or her mobile phone, meaning that access to said gambling sites is never too far away either.

Mobile functionality 

Not only are all your favourite gambling formats, sports betting services and online slot games readily available via your smartphone, they are also fully optimised to perform their best on your mobile device.
The whole interface of online casinos is tailored for the smartphone now, making for a super easy, quick and smooth process when it comes to having an online flutter.

More ways to bet than ever before - including live betting! 

With the growth of the industry has also come the budget to expand what is possible with online betting.
In recent years live betting has become a huge success, with thousands of people using the service whilst watching their favourite sports. Perfect for mobile users, live betting allows one to place a bet during an event, even offering to cash out your stake at certain points.
Elsewhere, the humble fruit machine has evolved into a whole new experience thanks to online and mobile betting. Online slot games are a really popular way to gamble online now, with loads of titles, loads of ways to win and above all, loads of money to be won, too.
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