Season’s Jewellery Must Haves

 A new season is upon us and while its arrival signals a change in the weather (hopefully more sunshine and warmer temperatures!) it also means new styles in jewellery are appearing.

 If you love to stay ahead of fashion and adorn your outfits with magnificent jewellery pieces, here are some of this season’s must-have looks:

Indian inspired jewellery

Previous seasons have seen jewellery designs incorporate minimal colours. However, this season is definitely all about colour and Indian inspired jewellery from a brand like Red Dot Jewels is a perfect match for this. Taking inspiration from centuries old designs and traditions, modern designers are creating intricate pieces in metals like gold and silver and incorporating semi-precious stones like cubic zirconia or gemstones in colours like vivid greens and warming reds into the design.

Popular pieces of Indian inspired jewellery include delicate enamel pendant necklaces, gemstone stud earrings and intricate head jewellery which is based on the ‘Tikka’ - a traditional piece of jewellery which is worn by Indian brides.
Novelty rings

If you’ve got a fun and playful side, you’ll love this season’s must-have – novelty rings. We’re seeing a lot of animal designs including large butterfly rings, winding snake rings to rings which feature elephant’s heads and tiger stripes.
Another trend is incorporating everyday item into ring designs. For example, rings which are styled on a pair of lips, a camera, cars and even pieces of Lego are being seen.

Statement earrings

A big look for this season is statement earrings particularly chandelier style and hoop earrings. Gone are the delicate hoop earrings we’ve seen for the last couple of years, this season, hoops are big and bold and are designed to be eye-catching! For the trendiest look, wear a pair of oversized gold hoop earrings.
If you’re after something spectacular for a night out with friends or for a special dinner, opt for a striking pair of chandelier style earrings which feature diamante stones or coloured semi-precious stones in vibrant colours like blue, green, yellows or oranges.


Say goodbye to delicate chain necklaces as chunky chains are taking centre stage. Made from metals like gold, silver, brass and copper and featuring bold chain links this style of chain works perfectly with a range of outfits, like workwear, a casual day look and party outfits. Which means they’re ideal if you’re looking to go straight from workwear to party ready.

Mix and matching

The one thing that is standing out this season is that there is no-one style. Whereas previous seasons have seen people stick to one particular style, this season the trend is to mix and match different styles to create a unique look.

So, if you can’t decide on what to wear, don’t be afraid to put on an Indian inspired cuff with a chunky gold necklace and a novelty ring. You wouldn’t look mismatched you’ll be right on trend.

From large statement pieces of jewellery like chandelier earrings and chain necklaces to delicate and ornate pieces of Indian inspired jewellery, there is a piece of jewellery out there that matches your unique style.
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