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The Benefits of a Career in Music or Entertainment
Saturday, 13 April 2019

 It's no secret that breaking into the music and entertainment industries is a tall task. Many people will cite the difficulty of getting jobs and knowing the right people as negatives of a career in music or entertainment. With that being said, there still are many benefits of a career in music or entertainment. Yes, a career in these industries may be difficult at first, and everyone may not be cut out to make it in these industries. However, if you can weather that initial storm and make it through the tough beginnings, you can find yourself reaping all sorts of rewards. What are these rewards you ask? Here are the benefits of a career in music or entertainment. 

Creative Expression

Most performers will tell you that one of the best benefits of being in their industry is their ability to creatively express themselves. There is nothing better than creating something from scratch and then witnessing other people enjoy what you have created. When musicians create a song and watch it be enjoyed by thousands of people it inspires pride. Music and entertainment allows performers to take their thoughts and feelings and translate them into pieces of art. Seeing these pieces of art being enjoyed by other people is a feeling like no other, and is a major reason why people chase careers in music and entertainment.

Fame and Fortune

One of the most well-known reasons to enter the music or entertainment industries is the potential to acquire fame and fortune. We all know famous musicians and entertainers that we idolize, and other people in these industries want to be just like them. The lure of fame and fortune is very strong, as many people enter these industries with dreams of one day acquiring them. Obviously not everyone in these industries acquire fame and fortune, but if you’re lucky enough it can be a major benefit.  


One of the most exciting benefits of a career in the music and entertainment industries is the potential for a lot of travel. Many people go their whole lives without traveling, however in these industries travel is the norm. Depending on how successful you are in your industry, you may be touring your state, country, or even internationally. For example, a comedian may be performing comedy shows in Miami one week, and then the next week have a show in Los Angeles. Although traveling is just one benefit, it is still a major perk of being apart of these industries.


For some people the main reason they chase a career in music and entertainment is the simple satisfaction of doing what they love and proving people wrong. Many people believe that you should follow your dreams, and by doing this you will be much happier with your job. For musicians and entertainers, not only will they be happy that they followed their dreams, but they can also take solace in the fact that they succeeded where others failed. Those that make it in these industries were able to rise above all odds and follow their dreams, something that gives a ton of satisfaction.


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