The Best of Historic Philadelphia's Downtown Scene

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a cosmopolitan All-American metropolis. It has all sorts of high-end destinations for visitors. It has all sorts of historic and cultural ones as well. If you want to fall in love with The City of Brotherly Love, you need to make a point to visit its downtown. Downtown Philadelphia can be a terrific place for individuals who are enthusiastic about history, culture, the arts and much more. 

 Downtown Philadelphia Attractions That Should Be on Your Radar 

Go to Independence Hall in Downtown Philadelphia. If you appreciate history and America, then you won't want to say no to a trip to what many people refer to as being the nation's birthplace. This is a great place for people who want to learn all about the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and so much more. 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is another attraction that's well-known in Downtown Philadelphia. It's a big spot for people who admire art. It's been in operations since the winter of 1876, too. The Philadelphia Museum of Art can be a joy for people who want to see art pieces from many legends. These legends include but are not limited to everyone from Vincent Van Gogh to Salvador Dali. If you're going to be walking to Philadelphia historic attractions, you should consider downloading navigation apps that can help you get from point A to point B. These apps can save you a lot of frustration and time. 

People who have penchants for history may want to reserve rooms at The Bellevue Hotel  on South Broad Street. This is undeniably a historic place. This Theater District hotel has been around since the start of the 1900s. Many public figures have stayed at it as well. Some examples of these people are Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, J.P. Morgan and even John Wayne. The Bellevue Philadelphia has a wellness spa that people can enjoy. It has a salon for individuals who want to get haircuts and beyond as well. If you want to get a pedicure, manicure or hydrating facial in Downtown Philadelphia, then there's no stronger hotel option than this one. 

Downtown Philadelphia and Amazing Dining Opportunities 

You can eat fantastic food in downtown Philadelphia by going to 13 Restaurant on Market Street. This is a chic eatery that specializes in traditional food items from the United States. Diners at 13 Restaurant can nosh on steak salads, spicy barbecue wings, honey barbecue wings, roasted turkey club sandwiches, filet mignon, pan seared salmon, grilled chicken parmesan and chicken noodle soup. 

Del Frisco's Grille is a cozy steakhouse that's a strong match for people in Philadelphia who adore eating meat. The contemporary dining establishment concentrates on brunch, dinner and lunch. There are a number of meals on the menu that are devoid of gluten. This can help individuals who have intolerances to the substance. Options that are on the substantial menu are cheesesteak egg rolls, fish and chips, sweet corn bisque, seared Asian tuna salads, grilled cheeseburgers and truffle macaroni and cheese. 

Ocean Prime on South 15th Street can offer you a Philadelphia meal that's pleasant and soothing. It presents diners with a plenitude of options in seafood and steak meals. You can order lobster bisque, lobster rolls, steak tartare and goat cheese ravioli.
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