The Castle is an independent world war 2 based historical horror movie that follows two modern day vacationers who en counter Nazi ghost haunting their German Castle.

The story features walter and anna who vacationed at a castle in Germany un inhabited since 1945. The Castle which belongs to evil SS Nazi Colonel, Oskar Hoffman. Walter and Anna didn't know about the dark history of the castle which would eventually catch up with them. The found themselves fighting for their lives and very souls.

This evil story exends top resent day where the two are involved in series of scary events at the castle when they find out the building is being haunted by evil Nazi ghost.

The early moment of the story tracks back to 1945 during the last days of world war. With the plot being in IIIinois, it isset to have hundreds of German and American re-enacts, coming out with several tanks, Armored vehicles and jeep to fight in the battle at the castle.

The Castle will feature professional pyrotechnician that will handle various graphics in the movies. With seasoned crew that have worked on big budget movies and television projects, the movie is set to look amazing and take the masses unawares.

The movie will be produced by Distant Star Pictures, a leading film production company based in Chicago. With a company that creates movies out of true passion for the art, knowledge and business of film-making, this movie is poised to take the industry with storm.
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