Tips for Planning Date Nights for New Parents

 Changing diapers, cleaning up household messes, and trading off who stays up late – welcoming a new baby into the home is exhausting for any couple. While it might feel like it’s impossible to spare a minute for yourselves, finding alone time with your spouse is important to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

 To help you find the time and figure out what to do to rekindle that sense of romance, here are a few tips to help all new parents plan a date night out.

1. Start Small

Lots of new parents feel a considerable amount of anxiety over leaving their baby’s side the first few times. Having a night out is good practice, but don’t feel like you have to go wild once you leave the house.

Your pre-baby dates may have been several hours long – a movie, then dinner followed by a long evening walk in the park. But it’s okay to keep it simple now!

It’s probably easiest to pick a local activity that doesn’t have hard-and-fast time constraints to make it easier to get home in case of an emergency. A nearby Cranbourne restaurant or a trip to an easygoing karaoke bar are great options that won’t keep you from home longer than an hour or two.

2. Actively Plan for It

Your date night will only come to fruition if you actively put in the effort to make it happen. That means you have to pick a time, date, and location – and stick to it.

Tons of couples will make tentative plans for “sometime in the future.” These always fall through because you find some excuse to stay home instead. Don’t do this. Instead, make it a priority to stick to your plans, even if you’re coming up with reasons to cancel in the back of your mind. Having a concrete time and date can help hold you both accountable to make sure date night really happens.

3. Trust Your Babysitter

It’s terrifying for any parent to leave their baby with another person, even if the babysitter is a close friend or relative. But think of this as practice for when you have to take your kid to daycare or drop them off at a sleepover.

Find a babysitter you trust implicitly. Now is a great time to take advantage of your baby’s grandparents or aunts or uncles. If no family members are around, there are tons of babysitting sites chock full of pre-screened and background-checked babysitters who are professionally qualified to watch babies. There’s no way around it but leaving your kid with someone else will be the toughest part of this entire process. But once you get out of the house, you’ll realize how much easier it is than you’d think.

Also, don’t pester your sitter with texts all night long. Keep your ringer on in case they call, but otherwise, trust them to keep a close eye on your precious bundle of joy.

4. Focus on Each Other

Unless you’re attending a movie or theatre performance, use the time you’ve carved out to catch up with each other. Don’t spend the time mutually fretting over all the chores left to do and mentally writing your grocery list.

Check in with your partner emotionally. Talk. Hold hands. Pretend no one else exists but the two of you. If you want to mention your baby, keep it positive. Talk about your baby’s cute smile, not how much it cries and how little sleep you’re getting.

Date night is a chance to strengthen your relationship after the major life change of having a baby. Let yourselves enjoy each other’s company!
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