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Top Rated Whole House Water Filters in 2019
Wednesday, 06 March 2019

If you are blessed or cursed with a nose that can easily detect the smell of chlorine or metal from a great distance, it is important for you to have a proper whole house water filtration system. It is a known fact that most of the serious diseases are water borne.

If you wish to lead a healthy life and ensure that your family members also stay away from various health risks, it is imperative for you to opt for a whole house water filter. Unsafe water is found everywhere. Whether you talk about the water supplied by the Municipal authorities or the water that you get from the well, both contain harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Best Whole House Water Filters

There are several whole house water filters available in the market. However, when it comes to efficiency and reliability, very few names come in your mind. Some of the best whole house water filters have been mentioned below for your benefit.

  • AquaOx: Amongst the top few whole house water filtration systems in the market, one common name is AquaOx. Their filters allow you to have water after passing it through a 7-stage filtration system. These include a pre-sediment filter, KDF55 that gets rid of lead, chlorine, and also traps sediments such as hair and dirt, KDF85 that gets rid of hydrogen sulfide, garnet, centaur catalytic absorptive carbon, activated coconut shell carbon, and filter-ag that removes all the suspended materials from the water. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 20-year maintenance free performance. See their current well water filter system 2019 now.
  • Aquasana: This is basically a filter, post and pre-filters, a UV chamber, and a salt-free softener all combined into one unit. You also get to enjoy a 10-year warranty with this product. It is highly effective in getting rid of chemicals and chlorine, as well as, kills various microorganisms. It is a highly cost-effective filter and it also minimizes scale build-up. However, when it comes to getting rid of heavy metals, this water filter is not certified for it.
  • Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter: This whole house water filter comes with a 3-stage water filtration system. First of all, it gets rid of sediments and then the second stage deals with the iron content of the water, as well as, hydrogen sulfide and manganese. The last stage treats the water with granular activated coconut shell carbon. This product comes with a long filter life of 1 year and it maintains water pressure of 15 gal/minute. However, it does not contain any UV light purifier.
  • Home Master HMF2SMGCC Filter: This whole house water filtration system is rather affordable and is pretty simple to install. It effectively treats chloramine, chlorine, and various other contaminants. It provides a stable flow to the water and comes with a 1-year filter life. Although simple, the installation can prove to be tricky. This water filtration system comes with a 2-stage filtration. Along with the sediments, it also gets rid of chemicals and bacteria effectively from the water before you can use it.


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