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Trendy Couple Tattoos Ideas
Tuesday, 04 June 2019

You can show your love in different ways, and one of the options is to make matching tattoos that will talk about your feelings instead of words.

If you get acquainted with video chat girls and fall in love with one of them, maybe you will also start reflecting on some magic matching tattoos as a symbol of your feelings for each other. Your tattoos may be alike, slightly vary, or be complementary to each other. Like it or not, but trendy couple tattoos ideas look incredibly gentle, beautiful and just cute, speaking of love, devotion and care.

These tattoos can consist of important phrases, symbols, or drawings that mean something to you two. Someone depicts waves and rocks, the sun and the moon, a boy and a girl, while another one writes a declaration of love or draws geometric shapes. Show imagination, dream, and experiment, so that your tattoos become special and meaningful for you.

What Is the Meaning of Such Tattoos?

Sometimes it’s enough just to look at the tattoos to understand their meaning. It can be an image or inscription, which is divided into two parts, and only when people stand together, you can see the whole drawing or phrase. A tattoo is usually made permanently. That is why only people who firmly love and cannot imagine their lives without each other, decide to unite themselves also in this way.

On what part of the body should you better make a tattoo?

You should remember that the matching tattoos, sketches of which you have chosen, will look different on different parts of the body. To properly arrange the drawings, you need to consider the following nuances.

  • As a rule, so that the image looks harmonious, both partners put pictures on the same part of the body. You might agree that the key on the girl’s hand and the lock on the guy’s neck do not really embody the idea of matching tattoos.
  • If you want a single image of the picture to be made up of two parts, you should make reverse tattoos, that is, one of the partners makes it on the right arm, leg or hip, and the second one does the same on their left part of the body.
  • Before choosing a place, you need to answer one question, “Do you want to make your drawings intimate and inaccessible to others, or do you want the outsiders to notice the existence of matching tattoos?
  • The most popular place for such drawings is the wrist since it is very easy to show the tattoo to the whole world or hide, if necessary. Among other options, there are images on the fingers, forearms, ankles, and neck. Some lovers prefer to make these pictures on the chest in the heart area to show the strongest feelings for each other.
  • However, you can easily create your own composition, which can be made not only on the above-mentioned parts of the body but also on any other one. In many ways, the choice of place will depend on your desires: whether it is your personal little secret or a public domain.

Tattoo Ideas for Lovers

Make your tattoo interesting, beautiful, intriguing. Such tattoos can still be called quite uncommon and non-standard. Isn’t it what many creative and non-standard-minded young people strive for? Stand out from the crowd and show your individuality, at the same time, creating strong and warm relationships. And matching tattoos will serve for these purposes.

Compositions of matching tattoos are much more complicated than ordinary ones, and you need to think through all the details. You should search for different ideas on the Internet to inspire yourself and make the right conclusions.

So, depending on your wishes, it can be something from the following options:

  • Two identical images (rings, infinity signs).
  • Different images, in harmony with each other (key and lock, bow and arrow).
  • The image is divided into two equal parts (halves of the heart).
  • The inscription, which is divided in half.
  • Figures are of direct relevance to the partner (names, initials, dates of birth).
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