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What Is an Escape Room and Why Should I Pay to Do It? An Depth Look
Friday, 22 March 2019

 Wondering if the escape room trend is for you? Are you still asking what an escape room is? Learn all about them and why they're great here.

 Escape rooms have become all the rage!

Their popularity grew from only two dozen establishments in 2014 to more than 2300 in 2018 throughout the United States.

You're probably asking "What is an escape room?"

We've got the answer to that question and anything else you want to know about this latest craze in entertainment and fun.
Let's start and escape the confusion.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are an entertainment experience where you and your friends solve puzzles, find clues and earn your way to the key so you can escape the room before time runs out.

It has become a popular trend to post pictures or video to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

The possibilities are endless as far as themes and experiences go so offers an unlimited variety of fun cognitive challenges for a diverse clientele of every demographic.

What is an Escape Room Theme?

Each escape room has a theme. This could be anything from a general theme like a mad scientist's lab or you may be offered very specific themes based on pop culture, a popular movie or tv series.

Some themes that have been popular include:
  • Harry Potter
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • The Kidnapping Escape Room
  • Clue (based on the board game)
  • Mystery Mansions and Asylums
  • Pharoh's pyramid
Many places change the room themes every few months so that return customers have something new to challenge them. Even if the theme is the same you the establishment may offer several different experiences for guests to choose from.

What Are Escape Room Puzzles Like?

Escape room experiences vary in difficulty and skills needed. You may have a puzzle to piece together, need to find a clue or solve a riddle. Throughout the hour you may rely on the common sense of one team member, the math skills of another and trivia knowledge of someone else. 

You'll be given an hour to work through the real-life adventure game as a team and escape the impending doom by putting all of your skills to the test.

Who Are Escape Rooms Made For?

The great thing about escape rooms is they work for any group of people. As few as two and as many as ten have tackled escape room challenges but the optimal group size group is between four and six.

Everyone from high school students to friends looking for a fun evening that doesn't involve drinking to a corporate group looking for a great way to work on team building outside the office.

Special occasions like birthday parties or just a fun way to spend an afternoon. This can be a family activity; it doesn't just develop team building skills in work environments.

It's also a unique activity idea for going on a date. It lets you get to know someone better than you would when sitting through a movie or dancing at a club. 

Try It Once and You'll Be Trapped

Once you try it for yourself and know the answer to "What is an escape room?" you'll be addicted to them like the rest of America is. You can exercise your brain, have fun with your friends and show off your skills.

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