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When To Use Emergency Plumbing Services
Saturday, 11 May 2019

 Have you ever wondered what classifies as a plumbing emergency? You might be ready to pick up the phone when the toilet is clogged or the annoying faucet drip decides to take a turn for the worst, but is that really the time? Let’s talk about a few scenarios to help you figure the best time to use emergency plumbing services. 

 Who Are Emergency Plumbers?

Not every plumber offers emergency services. Unlike the average professional plumber who works on a schedule and doesn’t respond to calls in the middle of the night or on weekends, the emergency plumber is someone who can be contacted whenever, any day of the week, when you experience a dire plumbing issue. Furthermore, emergency plumbers have tools and skills that help them assess the hazard level of a situation, especially if foul odors are involved. 

Situations When You Call An Emergency Plumber

Now, let’s look at the scenarios for when you should definitely make the call for assistance: 

No Water

Once you have checked the main valve to ensure that it hasn’t accidentally been shut off, you should call in the professionals. No water is often a symptom of leaks, backups, and frozen pipes. This means that a bigger, more damaging problem could be unraveling someone else in your home or yard. 

Lack of Hot Water

Broken water heaters are the prime cause of no hot water in the household. Other issues include broken pilot lights or operation defects. Fixing your hot water heater should always be left to the experts. Call the emergency plumber to make sure that the problem with the water heater can be resolved safely and efficiently. 

Sewage Odor

Have a noxious scent rising from the drains? Sewage odor shouldn’t be taken lightly, since it is often caused by blockages and improper drainpipe ventilation. When these fumes circulate through your home, it could cause trouble and illness. 

Frozen Pipes

Winter is supposed to be a joyous time of the year, given the holidays; but freezing temperatures pose a threat to popes. Frozen pipes should never be underestimated. Call your local emergency plumber as soon as the frozen pipes are spotted. If you find the pipes while they are rattling, banging, or emitting a foul odor, make contacting the plumber a priority. 

Also, you should never try DIY solutions like thawing the ice, as this could open tiny cracks in the pipeline that increases the risk of bursting. 

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Now, any plumber will tell you to attempt unclogging the toilet or sink yourself with a plunger first—but that isn’t always going to work. You might panic, and you start running the water. Or, you suddenly flush and the water starts to rise and doesn’t stop. Clogged sinks, overflowing toilets, and other appliances that can flood the home are always worthy of an emergency call. The flooding is both inconvenient and highly destructive to your home, so don’t wait to pick up the phone. 

Burst Pipes

The most obvious plumbing emergency would be that of burst pipers. Even tiny leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damages, so imagine what a geyser going off in your home can do. Once you have shut off the water to your home, you should contact an emergency plumber. Don’t wait until morning or the next business day to call, as any sitting water could negatively affect your household. 

Now that you know what makes a plumbing emergency, keep this list nearby. Never overlook plumbing issues and assume that you can DIY the repairs tomorrow. Plumbing emergencies can never wait. By calling the local emergency plumber, you can avoid damages to your house, swarms of repair bills, and extra levels of frustration.
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