Your Comprehensive Guide on Email Marketing for E-Commerce

 Email marketing is an incredibly effective way of reaching out to customers. Learn all about email marketing for e-commerce in this guide.

 Email marketing may seem like the most taxing activity in E-commerce. Not only do you have to build and continuously update your contact list, but you also have to revise your marketing strategy now and then and continuously keep track of its effectiveness.

Lucky for you, I have compiled a short but comprehensive piece on Email marketing that will exhaustively cover everything you need to know about this amazing marketing technique and hopefully simplify your overall outlook on email marketing for eCommerce.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, also know as direct email marketing, is a brand or service promotion and awareness technique that targets prospective customers using emails as a marketing tool to advance this purpose. It has currently toppled every other marketing channel, including social media as the best marketing tool available today.

Email marketing ascribes its success to the ability to personalize emails and essentially build and nurture genuine relationships with customers while simultaneously promoting the company’s products.

Basics of a Marketing Email

With that out of the way, let’s briefly discuss some of the most fundamental parts of a marketing email.

1. The subject line- The subject line summarises the purpose of the email. It should be succinct but enough to entice the reader into wanting to know more

2. The From name- Introduces the company or its affiliates. The ‘from’ name should be clear and unambiguous

3. The body- The body goes into detail regarding the subject header

4. The preheader- the preheader complements the subject by drawing attention to the promo or campaign.

5. The Call to Action- this section clearly outlines what you would wish the reader to do after going through the email.

The many marketing emails you’ve come across or written yourself can be broadly categorized into three main types namely:-

1. Promotional emails- These emails are intended to raise awareness of a particular deal, promotion or campaign to potential customers

2. Transactional emails- These are order confirmations, tracking info, receipts, or other emails sent after a transaction is complete.

3. Lifecycle emails- These are emails triggered by a customer's actions and their stage in the customer lifecycle.

Email Marketing Tips

A practical e-commerce marketing strategy translates to overall increased profitability and increased brand awareness. These email marketing tips for e-commerce will help you develop a fantastic email marketing technique to improve your email sales.

1. Grow Your Contact List

A thorough contact list is vital for effective email marketing. With that in mind, it is crucial to grow your market presence through word of mouth, networking and other channels including websites and social media that also broaden your customer base and add to your contact list. HubSpot Mailchimp integration can help you with this.

2. Capitalize on Incentives

It’s hard for customers to say no to a good deal, especially if they keep pouring in every day. Discounts are perfect for luring in those unsure customers. Offers are also fantastic for getting the word around to other potential customers. Whenever there’s a good deal, the word goes around pretty quickly.

3. Regularly Clean Up

Sometimes having unnecessary people on your contact list could prove harmful to your campaign. It is advisable to clean up your contact list by removing people who don’t open, delete or mark your emails as spam. Also, have a conspicuous unsubscribe button for when people want to opt out.

Bottom Line

A successful strategy for email marketing for web stores should be both customer-centric and opportunistic. Take these few tips to heart, and you could be well on your way of effecting a powerful email marketing strategy.
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