Injured in an Accident? 6 Signs You Need a PI Attorney on Your Side

 A personal injury attorney is super important if you've recently been injured in an accident that was not your fault. Here are top signs you need a PI attorney.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, injury-related hospital visits numbered 40 million in 2017. While some might be bruises, others are life-threatening injuries.

For severe injuries that need advanced medical attention, consulting a doctor is not enough. You need the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

Why a lawyer? Your injuries were most likely caused by the negligence of another person(s). As a result, you suffered pain, lost time to work, or even lost our job. All you need now is to be compensated for all the losses.

While some people try to attempt to represent themselves in the ensuing lawsuit, it's never a good idea. When you are involved in an accident out of another person’s fault or negligence, hiring a PI attorney is the best decision you can make.

Here are 6 signs that should prompt you to hire a personal injury lawyer. 

1. You Suffered Serious Injuries

Serious injuries can pose severe challenges in your life. You might not understand the severity of your injuries at first. Some injuries can have gradual negative implications on the quality of your life. 

If you sustain injuries that limit your ability to work or carry on your daily life, you probably need to call a personal injury claim lawyer. Your lawyer will work with medical experts to get their opinion of the injuries. 

It would help to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to avoid claim denial. The more time you take before filing your claim, the more likely you claim will face limitations. You should give your lawyer all the facts on time to determine your rightful compensation.
2. You Sustain Permanent Injuries or Disabilities 

The CDC estimates that two million emergency department visits lead to admission to the critical care unit. Most of the injured people who end up in a critical care unit are likely to suffer permanent injuries or disabilities. Such injuries often necessitate long-term treatment that is overwhelmingly expensive.

Hiring a PI attorney helps you to file a suit. Consequently, you won't need to cater to your treatment needs. The lawyer ensures that you get a settlement that will help with your medical bills and other costs arising from the accident.

With permanent injuries, moving around can be challenging. A lawyer will knock on all relevant doors and ensure that you get what’s rightfully yours. Your doctor should write a report to show the extent of permanent damage resulting from the accident. 

3. Involvement of Multiple Parties 

If you are involved in an accident where there are multiple parties, the complexities can be daunting. A road accident involving more than one vehicle is one of those scenarios that you wouldn’t know the course of action to take. Experienced attorneys have insights on how to address issues with multiple insurance firms to build your case. 

Once you sustain injuries from such an accident, you need to contact your attorney as soon as possible. You can visit this website to get personal injury attorneys who have more than 20 years of experience in dealing with even the most complex of cases. Once you get a lawyer to work on your case, you don't have to worry about issues that arise when dealing with multiple insurers.  

4. When the Insurance Company Rejects Your Claim

The at-fault party's insurer has to take responsibility for compensating the injured person. Yet, this is not usually the case. Most insurance companies have adjusters who will try to check out for issues in your claim with the hope of lowering the payouts.

An insurance company has knowledge and tactics that might outshine you in the negotiation process. You need to be keen on every statement you make when dealing with the insurance firm. One wrong move can make you miss your compensation. 

With a personal injury claim lawyer, you don't have to deal with the insurer directly. Your lawyer is knowledgeable about laws relating to personal injuries in your state. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you get what you rightfully deserve.

An attorney will save you the frustrations of the back and forth process with the insurer. This approach gives you a smooth recovery period.

5. You Are Missing Work Compensation

About 20 to 50 million people who sustain non-fatal injuries each year end up incurring disabilities. Most of these injuries hinder people from working. As a result, supporting one’s needs becomes a challenge. 

If you incur injuries that force you out of work, it’s probably time to seek payment from the at-fault party. The compensation should be enough to cover your lost wages. You might need to hire a PI attorney if the insurance representing the at-fault party seems reluctant to pay you. 

With an attorney, your piling utility bills don’t have to be a source of stress. The lawyer will ensure you get the right settlement for lost wages. As such, you won’t face significant financial hardships despite being out of work. 

6. When You’re Unsure of the At-Fault Party

In a typical accident, nobody wants to take the blame. If it is not clear on who between you and the other party caused the accident, get a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Trying to solve the issue without any legal backing can be a disaster.

The other party's insurer will blame you to avoid payouts. Don’t discuss the accident with the involved parties. As long as you have pictures, videos, and a police report, your attorney will handle the rest.

Your lawyer will defend you from the inevitable cross-claims and counterclaims. Ultimately, you will get your rightful compensation. Having a personal injury attorney to address such an issue will save you unnecessary distress. 

A PI Attorney Is Indispensable When You Get In an Accident

It would be advisable to hire an attorney a few days after you get in an accident. The last thing you want to do is dealing with insurance adjusters while you’re trying to recover. The situation can be a hindrance to your recovery process. 

A reliable PI attorney will get things done within no time. Personal injury lawyers have the skills and knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies. While there are instances where you might not need a lawyer, most sustained injuries will necessitate you to have legal backing for rightful compensation.

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