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Police Brutality and Smoking
Sunday, 13 June 2021

The decision to stop smoking is a huge step toward a healthy lifestyle. Most people who have stopped smoking or have tried to do so agree that it is not an easy habit to break. When Pfizer Inc. introduced its smoking-cessation drug Chantix in the United States in 2006, many smokers who wanted help kicking the habit rejoiced.

Unfortunately, some say that Chantix can do more harm than good to certain people. While the drug manufacturer insists that the drug is safe, a federal court in Alabama will hear from people who are convinced that Chantix is a dangerous drug that is responsible for several suicides, attempted suicides, Michigan police brutality and other acts of injury. Recently, the court centralized at least 1,200 civil lawsuits against Pfizer, citing convenience for all involved and efficiency of litigation as reasons for doing so.

This is not the first legal action involving Chantix. The first lawsuit was filed in Washington state, with the case being headed up by a group of Seattle business immigration lawyers who decided to practice outside of their normal area of law because they have a special interest in the case. Subsequent lawsuits filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan alleged that when patients were using Chantix, Pfizer failed to notify physicians and patients about certain known side effects, including depression and thoughts of suicide.
Pfizer has since added warnings to the drug insert. However, some people argue that the dangers associated with the potentially dangerous product are still not effectively communicated to the public.
Pfizer continues to defend Chantix, which has been approved as a smoking cessation aid in at least 86 countries. While the drug manufacturer had hoped that Chantix would grow into a multibillion-dollar product and reverse its shrinking profit margin, the drug’s sales have significantly decreased as concerns about its safety have grown.
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