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"Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Advice For Aspiring Teachers
Thursday, 24 December 2020

There is a reason that teaching is such a popular profession and many young people have aspi-rations of becoming a teacher shortly after leaving school. Teachers can have a profound im-pact on the lives of every single pupil that they teach so it is a highly rewarding role, plus there are many perks such as vacation time, shorter working days and great job security. It is under-standable why so many people want to enter the teaching profession, but this is also a unique and challenging area to work in and can be competitive with so many people looking to teach. With this in mind, here are a few tips for aspiring teachers which will hopefully come in useful.

Learning at Home During the COVID19
Tuesday, 22 December 2020

It has been a challenge to say the least these last few months for mothers around the world. How do you make sure that the kids are getting their homework done and understanding all that they need to? How do you manage your household at the same time? For moms around the world the workload feels like 10 times what it used to be.

Here are some suggestions to help you through this overwhelming time.
Remember to relax. The kids have the rest of their lives to learn what they need to. We all have to adapt, and they need to adapt to what’s going on as much as we need to adapt to them loitering around the house all day.
How Do You Cope When a Loved One Has Dementia?
Tuesday, 15 December 2020

A loved one becoming diagnosed with dementia can come as a shock and knowing how to deal with the illness is a worry you have to try and deal with. In the US alone, there are reportedly 16 million caregivers to those living with dementia and many more around the world who are in the same boat. Unless you have dealt with caring for someone with the disease previously, you will find that it will become a long and emotional journey that can be both mentally and physically challenging to the point where you feel unable to cope. However, in this blog, we’re going to provide a list of useful pointers to take on board on how to cope when a loved one has dementia:

Most Common Injuries in the Workplace
Tuesday, 15 December 2020

As much as we’d all like to feel safe and comfortable, the reality is that the workplace can be a pretty hazardous environment, and that risk can be increased if you’re working within a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

There are many ways a person can get hurt at work, and many different injuries they can obtain if the workplace is left to become a dangerous place. Thankfully, the risk of obtaining many of these injuries can be significantly reduced if your employer conducts a risk assessment and makes an effort to instigate protocols that will keep you safe. However, if they don’t, then you can be at greater risk of the following common injuries in the workplace.
5 Inspirational Ways to Find Fulfillment in Life
Monday, 14 December 2020

Being unsatisfied in life can arise in many different ways. It’s always possible to be positive and passionate in one area of life but be completely unfulfilled in another. There can be nothing more frustrating than failing to find fulfillment in certain ways, and in order to lead a rewarding life, it’s important to understand how best to feel satisfied with your own situation and own plans.

Retiring with Style in Naples, Florida
Wednesday, 09 December 2020

The prospect of retirement can be exciting and daunting at the best of times. It is no great admission that 2020 has been a complicated year of twists and turns, with the resulting uncertainty leaving many people questioning the direction their lives should take.

As the year comes to a long-awaited close, it is time to look forward to what the future holds. Retirement can supply you with the chance to take some time for yourself and to pursue your interests. Whether you are looking to put some relaxation back in your life, for a change of scenery, or you have the desire to belong to a new community, Naples, Florida, has you covered.
Looking After Your Mental Health While Working from Home
Thursday, 03 December 2020

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, employees throughout the world have been forced to work from home as a social distancing measure and to stay protected from the virus. While many regard working from home as a novelty, others are worried that staying in the house permanently could have negative effects on their mental health, as you’ll be unable to follow regular routines, socialize, or have on-hand assistance as and when needed.

What self-help methods can you use during this unprecedented time? We have put together some useful ideas on how to look after your mental health while working from home.
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