10 Tips For Having Safe Sex

Sex is a natural part of life. It happens, and there is no need to turn it into something unholy or evil. But as naturally as sex comes to people, it also brings with it several dangerous, and they come in the form of sexually transmitted diseases. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy sex. It only means you need to approach it with caution, and you can do this by becoming more informed about the risks involved. In this article, we'll be discussing how to practice safe sex and avoid facing a fight with an STD.

1. Always Keep A Condom Close

Even if you are not the one in the relationship responsible for protection like condoms, it never hurts to have one or two within immediate reach. Your partner might just slip one day and forget the condoms, and everyone knows what happens in the heat of the moment. Basically, you want to have a backup plan.

2. Don't Get Too Intoxicated

Not only does being intoxicated make it difficult for a guy to get an erection, but it also throws caution out the window. So, if you know you are going to indulge a few drinks, don't indulge sex as well. Chances are you won't care about protection, which will leave you vulnerable to possible life-changing diseases.

3. Take It Easy

Always remember that there is no rush to have sex. If you don't feel ready, it's a sign to build your confidence through small steps and activities that don't put you in immediate danger. You want your first time to be enjoyable, but it won't happen if you are not ready.

4. Speak To A Therapist

For some people, sex is a very complicated issue, and it can usually be traced back to a bad sexual experience. And whether it happened during childhood or adulthood, if you are scared of sex then it's time to reach out. A therapist is one way of getting past your fear, but you can also join a support group.

5. Get Tested On A Regular Basis

If you are not sexually active, there is no point in taking tests for STDs. But for those who are sexually active, do yourself a favor and get tested on a regular basis. There are so many STDs making rounds, you can never be too sure about your health status.

6. Get Vaccinated

In order to prevent HPV, it is recommended to get vaccinated if you are under the age of 26. If you have any worries about any sort of infection then try a service similar to Safer STD Testing.

7. Anal Sex Deserves A Condom

Many couples explore anal sex in the hopes of avoiding pregnancy. The bad news is that STDs can still be carried over, even if you are engaging in anal sex. The lesson here is to always use a condom when having anal sex.

8. Take A Whizz Afterward

As strange as it may sound, emptying your bladder after sex can help to prevent urinary tract infection. During sex, there is the possibility of irritating the bladder via bacteria that reach your urethra. Peeing afterward lowers the risk of bacteria accumulating.

9. Two Condoms Are Not Better Than One

While it comes across as a very practical way to have safe sex, two condoms can actually work against each other. Given that they are both slippery, and sliding against each other, there's the risk of both condoms falling off.

10. Keep Communication Channels Open

There is nothing wrong with establishing some ground rules with your partner before having sex. These can be based on the things that make you feel awkward or comfortable, or that a condom should always be used.
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"Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from."
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