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10 Crazy Ideas for Your Creative Date
Monday, 25 October 2021

Romantic Date! So sweet, but sometimes too boring... Truly I'm a bit tired of all standard movie, restaurant, flowers and sweets programs. Why not to make something extraordinary and extra-bright? If you have some problems with imagination - you can use this list of ideas for your real creative date ;)

1. Visit a planetarium

Stars, laser shows, memories from childhood! This date will be funny, romantic and definitely make you feel closer!

2. Go ice skating

Easy as that! You need just to google the nearest ice rink, take your good mood and have fun :) But do not forget to pic the right clothes, cause you will be in action;)

3. Rent a paddle boat on a pond or lake

It's not too expensive to rent and it is really an outstanding way to show your romantic feelings! just imagine: lake, sunset, you and your beloved in the little boat... Oh...

4. Go to the airport and watch the planes

Not usual for sure:) Try to choose small airport, so you can get close to the planes.

5. Ride on a hot air balloon

Add some adventure to your relationship. This will be your unforgettable experience!

6. Go across the border to another country/state

You can add some cultural experience - and have a long date;)

7. Go camping

The best way to know the person is to spend few days camping together. And what can be more romantic then sitting together near warm fire and watching the flames?

8. Play frisbee

Cheap and extremely exciting thing! You will have a lot of fun and sport activity! You can also make a double-(group) date and have even more fun together!

9. Watch belly-dancing

You can enjoy this beautiful dances together and then try to dance yourself;) You will enjoy this experience for sure!

10. Go cliff jumping

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