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5 Ways You Can Keep Marriage Exciting
Saturday, 06 February 2021

No matter how much you love your spouse, a marriage will sooner or later lose a lot of excitement.

While marriage and finding a meaningful relationship happen to be tremendously important to ensure life satisfaction, many couples will fail and split up eventually. Research has found out that the people who stay together are the ones that put active effort into making the relationship better and celebrating happiness.
All of that sounds great but how exactly do you do it? How do you keep a marriage exciting after a decade together? Two decades? Fifty years?
Each couple has their own way of overcoming challenges. Still, if you need some ideas, here are a few of the changes you may want to consider introducing for a happier, more exciting partnership.

Do Stuff Together

It’s very important for two people in a marriage to maintain their individuality. At the same time, doing stuff together can foster a sense of closeness and help for the discovery of mutual interests.

By this point, you probably know the things your partner enjoys. How about participating in some of these activities? Doing a bike ride in the park together, cooking a meal or watching one of their favorite movies during the evening can all be great.
Engaging in activities together will be beneficial in more than one way. It shows interest in the stuff that your partner enjoys. You’re also demonstrating your desire to build closeness and enjoy more active time in each other’s presence.
Chances are that some of these experiments will not work. Maybe your spouse’s hobby bores you to death. That’s ok! What matters is giving the activity a try and getting to spend more time with each other.

Discuss the Deeper Stuff

The longevity of a marriage depends on having common goals.
Sooner or later, you’ll need to talk about the deeper stuff.
Having meaningful conversations helps you discover new facets of your partner’s personality. In addition, you can focus on common goals and pursuing those in the future together.
A marriage will feel exciting if you have something to pursue together. Be it the purchase of your very first house, overcoming a problem like infertility or going back to college together. The nature of the goal itself isn’t as important as the desire to work towards its achievement. You’ll get a sense of being a team and trying to beat the odds. Needless to say, such projects will quickly restore excitement.

Focus on Physical Intimacy

Most couples will stop kissing sooner or later. In some instances, that may be a sign of trouble.
A kiss, even if it’s a slight peck on the lips, shows a sign of commitment. Physical intimacy is essential and studies have demonstrated its importance in maintaining marriage satisfaction.
Many long-term couples stop demonstrating physical proximity and that could mean they’re getting way too comfortable. The lack of intimacy also means that the passion has gone (and that the couple is now moving towards roommate territory).
A focus on quality intimacy and good sex is always important, no matter how long you’ve been together.
In time, the passion will not happen naturally. You’ll have to work towards it but the outcome of such efforts will definitely pay off.
Have a kiss and a hug in the evening, after coming back home from work. Fool around in public – you’ll get to feel like teenagers again. And do experiment in the bedroom! Sex with a spouse will get very familiar and comfortable after some time. There are ways to counter the negative effects of such proximity.
There are so many aspects of each other’s sexuality to explore that things will rarely get boring (if you’re willing to open up). Share fantasies with each other. Take sexy time out of the bedroom. Realistic feel sex toys are a great way to spice things up. You can find large selection of toys with realistic skin at HotCherry.

Have an Argument in an Adult Way

Perfect, exciting relationships are not argument-free. People who love and enjoy each other, however, know how to handle argument in a mature way, without harboring anger or resentment towards each other.
Don’t let the small stuff remain unspoken about for far too long.
If you do, the negativity will accumulate and your marriage will suffer.
Instead, learn to express yourself and talk about the things that bother you, make you unhappy or hurt you.
Listen to each other and put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Don’t let an argument remain unresolved just because you’re getting too heated. If you have to, take some time off to cool down. Eventually, come back to the issue and get it resolved. That’s the only way to move forward.

Stop Being a Responsible Adult All the Time

As you grow older, responsibilities will pile up.
You’ll have to take care of a mortgage, your professional responsibilities, children and your aging parents. All of these will leave very little room for your marriage and keeping things exciting.
Sometimes, you will have to act a little bit immature if you want to return enjoyment, fun and excitement to your life.
You don’t always have to be the perfect parent. Teaching your kids the essentials and letting them cope on their own with some situations is ok. They will learn independence and you’ll have a few moments of peace with your spouse.
Putting everybody else before your marriage can be detrimental. Know when the time has come to get a little bit selfish. Such redirection of your resources and attention can be tremendously important for your partnership in the long-run.
One final thing you need to understand is that the perfect marriage doesn’t exist. Even the couples that seem happy all the time will deal with lots of resentment and issues underneath the surface. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your marriage is unique and the only person to discuss situations with is your spouse.
If both of you are committed to putting some effort in the relationship and making compromises, things will work out. Keeping the love alive and appreciating each other will help you rediscover excitement, no matter how long ago you lost it.
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