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Online Dating: Some Useful Tips
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

When just coming out of a long term relationship, we often find ourselves lost as how to meet people and how to fill the empty spots. Meeting people has never been easier! Online Dating Sites are becoming increasingly popular! Most of us have computers right? So power it on, type in a search for free online dating and presto..... you have thousands of people right there in front of you! Browse through the first page or two of free online dating sites and see which ones catch your attention.

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1. Choosing an online dating site at first glance can be a bit daunting. You might ask yourself "which one should I chose"? That is an easy one! Choose several. Many are free so don't hesitate to put yourself out there a bit. You don't have to give out personal information and if the profile sign up ask for any, simply fudge the answers a bit. Don't fill in any information that you are not comfortable with.

2. After you choose your free online dating site, you have a dilemma. What do I say? Well, one thing that I will recommend to you is that you say positive things about yourself and what you are looking for. Sharing all your past experiences about your relationships and telling people that you have been hurt is not advisable. I have seen so many profile for females explaining that they are not looking for cheats and liars. That is a definite RED FLAG!! Please do not share this tidbit with other members.

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3. People are also hesitant to post a photo. Some cannot because of their occupation, but I do recommend that you upload one if at all possible. A lot of people will not respond to you if you do not include at least one clear shot in your profile. One body shot is also advisable if you feel comfortable. It may not be what everyone wants to hear but looks still count for many. Most importantly do not lie about your body type or age. It will haunt you later!

4. When posting a profile I also suggest that internet dating members do not post photos of small children in their profiles. There are some not so nice people out there and it is better to post photos of you alone. Also, when you include other people in your pictures, sometimes it is confusing to determine who you are.

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5. Once you post your profile and feel comfortable with it, you are ready to begin your search. You can start contacting people or wait to be contacted. I have tried both strategies myself. They both work and you have to do it the way you feel most comfortable. When you first join a free online dating site, you will probably notice that is when you get the most attention. Ladies, it is ok to make the first move today and men are flattered by it!

6. You should never give out personal information such as a home phone or address until you get to know that person. You might even want to block your cell and call the person yourself since cell phone numbers can net an address. A good suggestion is to use yahoo to make calls. All you need is a headset and you can chat for free all over the world. It is very easy for people to access your personal info without you even suspecting.

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7. Instant messaging is also a great way to get to know someone. Also, you can gather a lot about their personality that way as well. It is one of the more secure ways to chat with someone and not get too personal while on free internet dating sites. You can also cut someone off if you feel uncomfortable without them even having your email address.

8. When you decide to finally meet your friend, it is advisable that you do so in a public place such as a Starbucks or possibly a wine bar. I prefer to do it in an informal setting so that you don't feel uncomfortable or obligated . Some people like to impress their dates with an expensive meal and usually it is all flash!

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Free Internet Dating can be rewarding and fun. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and form friendships as well as relationships. Have fun with it!!

The article is written by Sarah Miller, the owner of Free Online Dating Service.

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