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Saint Valentine's Day: Celebration Ideas
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

And once again – Saint Valentine’s Day! You have not so much time left to get yourself ready for this holiday! You have already chosen a gift, but still you don’t know how to celebrate this day. So we need some interesting ideas. You want to make this Valentine’s Day unique and unforgettable, full of love and romance, bright and original… That’s not so difficult! Once again - be original and turn on your imagination!

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And of course to help you to do that I can suggest few ideas – you can take them – or make your own :) I won’t talk about romantic dinner in a restaurant because that is the easiest classic way to spend the holiday. I have some other ideas:

Love Quest

Make a Love Quest for your sweet heart! Create love mission with a prize for a winner. It can be your gift...or even you, or romantic date with you etc...

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Make some funny love hints and help messages. Put them around your place – or you can do it more global – around your city. That will be really fun. And your lover will completely enjoy the gift (or it’s better to say the prize) because he/she will “earn” it honestly. You can make such quests for each other or ask your friends to join you. Make this day a great love game. And enjoy the prizes ;)

Masquerade Party

What about friends? Saint Valentine’s Day is a perfect ability to show your love to your friends as well. If you want to meet your friends on this day – you can organize a masquerade party.

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Choose a topic – it may be the history, fantasy, movie etc. Of course love and romance will be the main topic. You should consider all the ideas and details. Send the invitation messages right now – so your friends will have time to find the costumes. You can organize some contests and symbolic romantic prizes. Such party will be a great way to share your love, and for some of your single friends it can be a great way to find their own love.

If you still want to spend all the time together – just two of you – look at this idea. Organize a travel day. Visit another city. Make a surprise for your lover. Just take a spontaneous trip. Turn off your phones and plunge into the pleasure of unknown city life.

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Just walk the unknown streets, see new places. Love and kiss each other like it’s your first date. You can find a lot of new things not only about the city but about your partner as well. Such trip will be really romantic and it can bring new colors into your relationships.

And if you are single on Valentine’s Day – pamper yourself! You can treat yourself with a day at the spa. Splurge for the works, including a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Most spas run great specials around Valentine's Day, so your day of relaxation won't make an excessive dent in your wallet. Buy yourself a gift! Watch your favorite movie! Express your love to yourself!

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Also it’s great ability to give your love to all the people who need it. If you are not concentrated on one person you can express your love to the whole world! Send Valentine cards to your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors and even unknown people. Don’t hide your feelings! Express them! Believe me that will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable! Because it’s all about love!

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