Sex Toys Australia Buying Guide

Whether you're in a relationship or rocking the carefree single life. Sex toys are a fantastic way to enrich your experience. Enjoy highly enjoyable frisky pleasure that will take your orgasm from "oh great" all the way to "Holy cow!". Requiring only little effort, some knowledge and guidance when choosing your first toy is essential. So that you don't waste your money and time, and by the right sex toy for you.

Choosing your very first toy can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming, especially once you realise how enormous the sex toys Australia market has on offer these days… With literally thousands of products available, it's essential to keep a few things in mind before making your selection. Doing a little bit of reading and research such as reading this guide, can mean the difference between happy orgasm after orgasm of mind-blowing pleasure jolting throughout your body, or sitting at home frustrated with the toy that doesn't do what you thought it did and the hassle of returning your product.

So, let's get started with this definitive guide for beginners and those more advanced but would like to brush up on their sex toys knowledge.

I know, I'll just pop into the local adult sex shop near me, right?

Our experts have heard this story a million times…

You decide to get yourself some sex toys and your first thought is: Where is the closest local adult sex shop near me?

I mean, it is the natural thing to do to undergo in a store and see, touch and feel the product. Perhaps even asked questions and get the opinion of an "expert". Now we're not saying that all sex shops in Australia have an incompetent staff or extremely high prices.

Australian Sex Shop Prices

Shops have an added expense of having retail staff working in the shop at all times, the lease of the shop, and large inventory that's not based precisely on sales and rather on having a little of everything. All of this is expensive. So, of course, it's more than fair, that stores have much higher prices to recoup these expenses from you.

Now this guide designed to provide you, the potential buyer, with the best possible way to go about buying adult toys in Australia. We, therefore, can tell you, buying your sex toys and a store will cost you loads more money. Often to prices in Australian adult stores are twice, three times or even five times the price of the same item if you bought it online.

We therefore highly recommend you shop online only for adult sex toys Australia doesn't want to overpay on. If you are happy to pay the added mark-up of buying them in a store, you're off course more than welcome to do so.

Range of adult products

Australia wide the range of sex toys and adult product special offers differs from one online store to the next. Smaller stores tend to offer a more unique, niche assortment of cock ring adult anal toys, rabbit vibrators, G-spot and clitoral stimulators, vibrators, dildos and more. To get the best view of the latest toys and latest offers it's always best not to stick to one shop too long as some tend to narrow your field of you after a while and you will miss fantastic offers of other stores put on from time to time.

Fast discreet delivery

If you purchase from a brick and mortar adult sex shop, you basically have zero discretion and privacy. You have to walk in there; there are other people inside you might know or recognise which can be more than awkward, to say the least. Let alone often retail sex toys have retail staff that are not experts. So the advice you're looking for you is better off finding online by doing your own research or reading a guide such as this one. Imagine having to employ a sex expert who charges over $200 an hour standing in a store 24/7. That would be impossible, so be sure to brick and mortar stores having normal retail staff is the only way to go. However, if you buy online, online stores have sexperts write guides for them or have a sex expert on call for when you ask about things that normal support staff might not know about.

When you browse Australia wide online toy shops, you will see that they all deliver using plain packaging and offer fast discreet delivery to your door. So no one will ever know your secret. You are saving you embarrassing moments in a store.

Customer service team

Most online sex shops have a 24/7 seven days a week customer service team ready to help you on your journey of buying your toy, provide support for your existing purchases, or to ask any questions when your toy arrives, and there's something that you would like to know.

This concludes our quick guide on buying sex toys in Australia. We hope this guide will help spice up your sex life and fulfil your sexual fantasies for a happier, satisfying sexual experience time and time again.

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