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The Secrets of Flirting
Saturday, 03 November 2007

It’s not true that you must be 90-60-90 to make men mad about you! You need just your charming smile and a few tips on flirting techniques. Let the representatives of a strong sex fly to you, as bees to honey.

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1. Visual contact
Keep visual contact with a person you’re flirting for at least seven seconds, and then smile and look away. Then again glance mysteriously at him and turn away. Repeat this simple operation about two times in 10 minutes. And there’s no need to worry. Your object is already aware that you’re flirting with him, and visual contact will only underline the interest to his persona.

2. Smile!
Perhaps the smile is the most disarming tool in flirting techniques. Psychologists and experts in the field of body language agree that the smile is one of the most important things that make you really attractive.
Smile is a sign that you are happy to be here and to see the people around you. Smile is a sign of amicability all over the world.

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3. Be yourself!
Try not pretending someone who you are not. The object of your desire soon will feel the lies and feints. And also, if your relations will develop successful, you have to be masked all the time.

4. Hold his mind
If you have already got the conversation, use our recommendations to retain the attention of your interlocutor. At first smile and maintain visual contact with the interlocutor. Listen carefully what he says. What can be more pleasant if you’re listened carefully and admired!
Show him that you’re listening, for example, nod your head. Smile and laughter are very important here, it is the quickest and easiest way to draw closer to man. Another effective technique flirting is a light touch: the arm to shoulder to elbow.

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5. The head position
One of the most important moments in the flirting technology is the head position. A slight slope-side of the head is just classical! And what about a glance through the shoulder ... This asymmetry will attract attention, shows great bend of your neck, and you will still maintain visual contact. Through shoulder glance is sexual! Show your chosen one that he is worthy of your sight, albeit fleeting.

6. Preen your feathers
We look sexually attractive when we smoothing our hair or clothing, setting the makeup straight. Try to preen your feathers with a smile. Something else? Shake your head and overthrow hair on one side - that is a classic movement.

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7. These sweet lips!
Subconsciously both sexes are engaged by scarlet wet lips because they symbolize youth, sex and reproductive ability of progeny. Some women prefer cherry or wine lipstick to scarlet. This will make your lips more brightly, and teeth - whiter. Lip glitter will make your lips wet and luring.

Active Image8. Cross your legs
This is especially true for high heels lovers. A woman sitting with her legs crossed seems to man very seductive, he subconsciously wants to see more.

9. Favorite legs
Some analysts believe that the men seem attractive when facing them, a woman is not tightly compress the legs, but a woman whose distance between the feet of no more than 15 cm.

10. Facial expression
People imitate each other if they are listening, they are passionate about his voice, gestures, etc. Try to mimicry a little your chosen one. If he throws back- you throw back too. If he scratches his neck-you scratch your neck. If you adjust to someone, a person begins to feel that you are with him on the same wave. But you should feel the limit, it’s not the circus and you’re not the clown that repeats every movement.

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