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Monday, 24 February 2020

 Sex is the coming together of two people physically. This intimacy further leads to orgasm, which is commonly referred to as satisfaction. The act gives a couple in-depth connections that lead to an inseparable bond. It is quite profound; thus, there are many concerns about it. Mostly people like to view it from a personal stand asking questions like, ‘Am I good enough?’ 

‘Do I satisfy my partner?’ ‘What do I do wrong?’ ‘What can I add?’ ‘How many time sex in a week is good for health?’ If you’re one, CBD Shelter can help you answer most of these questions.

Why Sex Health?

People are concerned about their sex health because sex itself comes with a host of additives. Some of the health benefits of sex include:

  • It lowers the risk of a heart attack;
  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer;
  • Improves control of bladder in women;
  • May boost your immunity against colds;
  • Improves your libido;

It is a form of exercise — keeps you fit!

Where Does CBD Oil Come in?

Different couples have their methods of upping their sex game from using yoga for sex health to incorporating toys, etc. CBD oil takes a different turn from what all these other methods do. An endocannabinoid system is a group of tiny receptors in our bodies that are like closed pathways to which CBD oil is the opening element. Therefore, it tackles the core issues that might affect the intimacy life of a couple.

What CBD Oil Works on

Due to legalities, just a few pieces of research have been done to determine the relationship between CBD oil and sex. Nonetheless, some CBD products have been proven to be helpful in particular carnal worries. Namely:

a. Insufficient Slicking – organic CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can make sex feel comfortable.

b. Erectile Dysfunction – CBD oil assists in relaxing blood vessels and stimulates proper blood flow. A good flow of blood in the penis would alleviate erectile dysfunction causing sex to last longer.

c. Lesser Sex Drive – CBD oil activates the brain’s region responsible for controlling sexual arousal.

What Impact Does CBD Oil Make?

An inclusion of CBD oil can better both your sex and mental health. Some of the outcomes after consumptions are:

1. Pain relief

2. An increase in pleasure

3. Getting stronger and having more energy

4. Getting better sensations

5. Reducing stress

6. Easing performance anxiety

7. Sets the ideal mood.

What Products to Go for?

The accessibility of CBD products depends on your residents and legalities there. The best choices you can pick from are:

i. CBD Daily Massage Lotion – this precedes the great night and has a property built to ease pain and relaxation.

ii. Dark Milk Chocolate (Love) – this edible sets the mood by intensifying erotic pleasure

iii. Awaken Natural Arousal Oil – it’s specifically for ladies to assist them in increasing sensation by lowering vaginal discomfort.


You just don't wake up one day and buy any CBD oil. One has to deliberate on the quality of the product on sale, getting the exact dose, and CBD oil should always be used before the "game."


Despite the minimal research done, some aspects like marijuana affecting fertility and mode of usage should be put into consideration before opting to purchase your package. How is your sex life doing? What do you use with your partner to make things better during intercourse? Ever tried CBD oil before? How did you react to it? Leave us a comment!

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