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With All My Love...
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What is love for you? What is the meaning of this feeling in your world?

Love is a slow kiss good night.
It's anticipation.

Love Anticipation



Love is a solitary tear falling from a waterfall of sheer bliss.
Love is a shoulder to cry on.
It's patience.

Love is Patience

Love is a smile that never falters.
Love is gentle passion, and fierce lust.
Love is a flower that never dies.
It's consideration.

Love is Consideration

Love is saying the perfect phrase to make a solemn embrace dissolve into giggles.
Love is your own name being called out by your soul mate in the heat of passion.
It's desire.

Love Is Desire

Love is peace of mind.
It's abandonment.

Love Is Peace of Mind

Love is seeing what your lover really looks like for the first time.
It's truth.

Love Is Truth

Love is knowing in your heart you will never again be alone.
Love is knowing what time it is and not caring.
It's joy.

Love Is Joy

Love is that simple gesture that means the world.
Love is an Angel that kisses your cheek.
Love is the arms around you tightening their embrace.
It's ecstasy.

Love Ecstasy

Love is seeing a new side of a person you thought you knew.
It's renewal.

Love is Renewal

Love is everything and all things.
Love is telling a person if you have to leave, you will let them sleep, and being told they would rather be woken.
It's tenderness.

Love Is Tenderness

Love is waking up to find the subject of the dream you were having asleep on your shoulder.
It's where fantasy meets reality.
Love is being there to wake your lover. Slowly.
Love is forever.
It's sensuousness.

Love Is Fantasy

Love is two people only taking up a third of a queen-sized bed.
It's closeness.

Love Is Closeness

Love is ever-lasting and transcends all boundaries.
It's trust.

Love Is Trust

Love is saying good-bye and knowing you will be back by mutual consent.
It's faith.

Love Is Faith

Love is a heart beating, or a heart stopping.
Love is hearing the weather forecast for a winter storm and wishing you could spend it in bed with your lover.
It's loneliness.

Love is Loneliness

Love is stories that will never be told.
Love is a slow kiss good night.

Love Is a Slow Kiss Good Night

~ by Tengku Mohd Yusuf

And What Is Love for You?

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