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"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."

Mother Teresa

Why Online Dating Could Be Ideal for You
Wednesday, 17 April 2019

 Some people find the world of dating very challenging. Even finding the time to meet new people can be difficult if you work or have family to take care of. On top of this, it can be very costly to keep having nights out in the hope of meeting someone.

8 Simple Tips to Help for Women to Spice Up Your Relationship
Monday, 08 April 2019

 1. Try BDSM

Many people are yet to try dominance and submission sex techniques. Most people have been yearning to try these techniques ever since the 50 Shades of Grey hit the market. Your partner might be eager to try it too. One thing you however need to know is that, you need to take a role. You can either be dominant or submissive in BDSM. 

Preventing Online Stalking When Using Dating Apps
Friday, 22 March 2019

In 2019, it seems like most single adults with a smart phone have given dating apps a go. They are either the light at the end of a long and lonely tunnel or someone’s worst nightmare. The sheer volume of Youtube videos about bad Tinder dates says that there’s no guarantee when it comes to meeting people online. Technology have facilitated people with malicious intents, or plain creepiness, to gain access to unsuspecting individuals’ information. For example, these apps usually indicate your location in proximity to others, and it doesn’t take much for a tech-enthused stalker to find your IP address and track you down.

How to start dating after a divorce
Monday, 03 December 2018

 The effect of cupid’s arrow has waned and the marriage’s ship has sailed and capsized in Antarctica. What is left is acrimony and the lawyer’s bill. Without a doubt, getting a divorce is tough. Yet, as the social beings that we’re, the craving for the companionship of a lover soon sets in. What remarkable creatures we are you’ll say?! Because, even though we can’t regenerate most of ourorgans, we still find a way to heal a broken heart and bring the broken pieces back together.

7 Of The Worst Things You Can Do During Online Dating
Friday, 26 October 2018

It is true that women love a stable guy. However, lying about it will cause you more trouble than it is worth down the line. Be honest from the start. You would be surprised how many people out there are willing to look past the net worth.

Sustaining Long-Distance Relationships with Latina Women
Friday, 26 October 2018

 After months or even years of searching, you have finally found your Latina Ms. Right and boy is she perfect. However, the distance is taking its toll on the both of you with the conflicting time zones, lack of physical contact and many other challenges. Do you give up after all the effort you put it? Or do you turn your life into a soap opera and fight to the death (not literally) for your love?

How to Make an Open Relationship Work
Friday, 26 October 2018

 If you are willing to live with the challenges involved, it can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience. However, like any other types of relationships, an open one requires a lot of hard work. Below are eight ways to ensure that yours not only survives but thrives against all the odds. 

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"Act as if it were impossible to fail."

Dorothea Brande

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