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Brilliant Face Makeup Techniques Every Makeup Artist Should Know!
Saturday, 13 October 2018

The world of fashion is endless, and so are the tricks. Keeping yourselves updated on these techniques can make you one of the best makeup artists and can help you bag name and fame quickly in a vastly growing industry like this. If you are pondering over on the techniques of achieving those looks on your client taking a walk through this write-up is necessary.


Knowing the face shape is one of the prerequisites even before attempting to perform a full face makeup. Well, understanding the face shapes can help you in using the right kind of techniques at ease. Mentioned below are the methods of makeup to be used based on the face shapes!

There are four main types of face shapes, and it is mandatory to seek assistance from Fabulive makeup tutorials and courses to determine the type of face you are dealing with.

The first and the foremost thing to do are to measure the face and note down the measurements quickly on a piece of paper. The shapes of the face can be determined and by measuring the forehead, cheekbones, and jaws at their widest points. Along with this, it is also required to take measurements from ear to ear and brow to chin as this can help us understand the ratio easily.

1. Oval face shape

People with oval face shape are blessed as this is considered to be the ideal face shape. While every makeup and hairdos including the white face makeup go well with this kind, it is best to know the best techniques to be used to achieve some lovely looks.

Using a foundation closest to your complexion can do a lot of tricks else, it can make your face look oblong. Do not get carried away with the whims of using every foundation that you get just because you have an ideal face.

Dramatic eyes do suit you the best
People with oval face shape can carry themselves well with any eye makeup hence; there is no restriction in this area. However, using the creamy eyeshadows and a pair of false eyelashes can add more to the already existing charm.

Bronzer on the cheekbones
Try not going heavy with bronzers on your cheekbones please! Either with lighter or louder shades of bronzer, you must go easy with them to get a balanced look because the cheekbones are the prominent areas of oval face shape.

Lipstick with glossy effect
Are you dying to allure people with your bountiful lips then, you must try lighter shades of lipsticks with some gloss. Glossy effects look extremely well on oval face shapes.

2. Square shape face

The measurements across the face would be equal hence, people with this face shape would have sharp features and require more contouring to get an ideal face.

Bronzer on the corners of the face
Reduce those sharp edges on the corner of the face by the upward blending techniques using darker shades of foundation or a bronzer and follow the same procedure on the sides of the forehead as well.

Lighter shades for cheekbones
People with square face shape should know how to apply makeup on face and especially to draw the attention on cheekbones. Using light blushes with proper highlighting techniques can make you look just perfect.

Lips are very important
Jawlines are incredibly sharp in square face shapes hence, drawing attention to lips by making it look full and luscious does the trick.

3. Heart face shape

People having a heart face would have a sharp chin and would have prominent cheekbones, and to make it an ideal face shape, the idea is to reduce the width of the forehead by using proper contouring and highlighting methods.

Highlight the cheekbones appropriately
Make sure to use some concealer along with the foundation to add some extra prominence to those cheekbones. This can easily distract the width of the forehead by creating a balanced look.

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Round eyebrows are for you
Yes, you heard us right! Shape your brows round and neat and this again balances the area around the forehead, and with little dramatic eyes, you are ready to step out with the utmost confidence.

Work on your lips
Making the chin, appear wide has to be your goal, and this can be easily achieved by using bold lipsticks or more related products.

4. Round face shape

One of the most feminine shapes with a lot of soft features is the round face shape and accentuating the cheekbones becomes vital to creating a balanced look.

Darker shades of eyeshadows
This adds much beauty to those round faces. Using the deep and dark colors can help in accentuating the eyes and makes a face look attractive.

Use the right bronzer and start contouring the cheekbones. You need first to feel the cheekbones and then start working on the hollow part by pulling it in the upward direction for a perfect look.

Matt finishing lipsticks can bring out the best looks. Using the same color lip liner and choosing either a dark red or dark plum color can make you steal the show.
These are some of the simple, yet useful makeup tips which would help you understand the art of makeup in a much better way. As the goal is to make a face an ideal one performing these steps and knowing how to do face makeup appropriately can help you make look gorgeous!

Though these are some of the basic face shapes there are also people with a combination of these faces and tricks to bring the best out for such face types can also be experimented by blending techniques as given below. Try these and let us know about your experience, we are hungry for feedback!
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