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How to Grow Your Eyelashes Long
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

If you have short eyelashes you are not doomed to a life of falsies, or extensions. Though there are things you can do to improve your eyelash health and their length.

Firstly, your short eyelashes may be the result of the mascara you use. The mascara may be drying your lashes out and causing them to become brittle. The brittle lashes break easily leaving the lashes short and stubby.

If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes you may be breaking your lashes. Rubbing your eyes can also pull lashes out, sometimes without us even noticing. It takes four to six weeks for a new lash to develop and grow in place. If you have short lashes try some of the following tips to help encourage your lashes to grow longer and stronger. In the meantime, you may be keen to try a set of award-winning lashes by Flawless. Instantly long lashes can be a great accessory for that night out you’d be counting down the days for.

Massage the Lashes with Olive Oil or Vitamin E Oil

Olive oil is said to be able to make your natural lashes stronger, and encourage them to grow longer. To apply the oil you can buy disposable mascara brushes, dip the brush into the oil, and then apply the oil to your lashes.

Most people who add this regimen to their skin care like to put the oil on at night before they go to bed. This gives the oil time to penetrate the lash and stops the oil from interfering with your make-up.

Vitamin E oil that is designed for use on skin and hair is said to help improve the health of your lashes. Vitamin E has properties that help it to boost your immune system so you can apply the oil to your lashes like you would the olive oil. Also you can take vitamin E supplements orally.Coconut oil isn’t just a popular cooking ingredient, it is also oil that can be beneficial to your lashes. Coconut oil is said to make your lashes softer and more subtle. Apply this oil just like you would the olive oil or Vitamin E. If you have castor oil to hand, this can be used instead of olive oil, coconut oil or vitamin E oil.

Green tea

I know, this sounds crazy and most of us are fully aware of the benefit that drinking green tea can have on your skin health. But did you know that you can also improve your lash health by rubbing green tea onto your lashes? Steep the tea, allow it to completely cool, and then rub the tea along your lash line. You can read more about this here.The tea will deliver antioxidants to your lashes that can clean the follicles and subsequently help increase their strength, stimulating their growth.

Eyelash Growth Serums

Eyelash growth serums have exploded onto the consumer market and now there are several options available from reputable manufacturers. The growth serums are basically made up of biotin and plant peptides. These ingredients are designed to help your lashes grow stronger and longer.
You may have to try a couple of different growth serums before you find one that works well for you. Remember that it takes four to six weeks to grow new lashes so do not give up on a growth serum too quickly, if you want faster result, you can get an eyelash extension from Paris Lash Academy.

Take Hair Growth Supplements

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin known for improving hair growth, and helping those people who have hair loss. This is because the biotin helps to balance vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may cause the physical hair loss. Biotin is not a miracle cure for everyone, but in many cases a daily biotin supplement makes all the difference in the world.

Comb your Lashes Regularly

I’m sure many of us have hair brushing or combing as part of our morning routing and it’s you likely grew up knowing that brushing your hair out every night helps to improve hair growth. The combing of your hair stimulates the hair follicles and it removes any broken pieces of hair. The same is also true of your eyelashes.You should comb your eyelashes each night to help remove any build-up of makeup. Combing your lashes before applying mascara helps to separate them and make them extend to their full length.Getting this into your daily routine will help stimulate your eyelashes and encourage their growth. Additionally, this is probably the cheapest of all the options; all you need is a simple eyelash comb, and a few extra minutes in the morning and evening.

Stop Curling your Lashes Daily

We all want that curvy styled lash, but did you know that curling your lashes daily could be damaging them? The eyelash curlers that we use can break and pull out our lashes. It is okay to occasionally curl your lashes to give them a dramatic look, but you simply do not need to be doing this to your lashes every day. Give them room to grow and opt for falsies if it is a curly style you wish for.

Curl your lashes for special occasions. On normal days try simply applying lash boosting mascara. The lash boosting mascaras are designed to provide minerals and boost the length of your lashes. These mascaras cost a little more, but you (and your lashes) are worth it.


Increase the length and fullness of your natural lashes isn’t a difficult feat to achieve, but it will take time and patience because lashes do not grow quickly. While you are waiting you can try some of the false eyelashes that are applied as single lashes.Single lashes are applied to your own natural lashes instead of being applied using a strip. When your natural lash grows out and is shed the false lash is shed with it. The application of single lashes does not harm your natural lashes, which is a huge plus. You also do not have to remove the single lashes, and do not have to apply adhesive on a daily basis.
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