4 Tips for Speeding Up a Slow iPhone
Tuesday, 24 November 2020

If you currently own an iPhone, then you know how smooth and user-friendly they are. Apple has made it simple for users to download their favorite apps, music, and media straight to their mobile devices.

However, if you’ve owned your iPhone for several years, then you’ve probably noticed something else: they tend to slow down over time.

There are several reasons why your iPhone is slower than usual, ranging from a lack of storage space to potentially malicious software. If you’re looking for effective ways to speed up your device, be sure to try out the list of tricks mentioned below:

Delete Old or Unused Apps

Downloading apps is one of the best parts of owning an iPhone. The Apple App Store is full of countless apps that can help users do anything from play a game to solve a mathematical equation.

In fact, the average iPhone user has anywhere from 60 to 90 apps on their device. All of these apps take up storage space and stress out your OS.
If your iPhone is starting to feel slow or clunky, be sure to clean up your apps. You can view your apps based on their size by going to Settings> General> iPhone Storage.
Download Antivirus Software
Most people know that they should download antivirus software for their computers. Doing this prevents malicious software (malware) from infecting your data or device. In turn, the computer can perform optimally for a longer period.
The same goes for your iPhone. The internet is full of mobile-specific malware that’s waiting to infect your device and compromise your data. Accidentally clicking on a fraudulent link or website can infect your phone and hinder its overall performance.
Thankfully, you can avoid this by downloading iPhone antivirus software from a forward thinking cybersecurity company that protects your mobile device from several types of cyberattacks, including:
Spam calls
Ad tracking
Malicious websites
Remember, you should only download antivirus software from a secure, trusted source. Doing this will ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product that will protect your device.
Clear Your Texts Regularly
Did you know that your texts take up valuable storage space on your iPhone? It’s true.
Having large amounts of texts in your Messages app can slow your device down drastically. This is particularly true if you receive lots of texts with the following attachments:
Sound bites
To delete a text conversation, open up your Messages app, and swipe to the right. This will bring up the “Delete” tab. Click on the tab to erase the conversation from your device. Clear your texts regularly for the best results.
Don’t Forget the Cookies
For those that don’t know, cookies are tiny data-carrying files that identify your device. Cookies allow your device to store pieces of information like usernames and passwords.
Although cookies can make navigating your device convenient, they take up a noticeable amount of storage space. Allowing the cookies to build up for months (or years) can make your device less efficient.
To clear your cookies, go to Settings> Safari> Clear History and Website Data.
If your iPhone is feeling slower than usual, don’t replace it until you’ve tried the tips and tricks mentioned above.
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